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Turner Super Sidekick Recap

Unless you're ordering caps in bulk Klondike Mike's kits are probably the best way to go. I've made the mistake of ordering a kit from another vendor and what I got was... not good.
If I'm ordering individually I buynfrom NTE along with most of my semiconductors.. As I've gotten cheap/fake Chinese knockoffs from ebay tht didn't work .. Nte backs up thier product .. If you get a bad transistor they will refund or replace it at no charge
It took a little while to get here but got quality caps
The market is now awash with trash-quality electrolytic caps from China. Naturally these are the cheapest parts. Mind you there are perfectly-legitimate quality aluminum electrolytic caps made in China. Part of what you're relying on with Mike is that he can tell the difference, so you don't have to.

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