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Tv Interference

Discussion in 'Announcements & Open Forum' started by big_sho9, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. big_sho9

    big_sho9 Guest

    Has any one interfered with the neighbors tv? What band? What did you do to solve the problem?


  2. Justme

    Justme Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2008
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    Running 1000 watts from 160 meter to 10 meter 100 watts on 6 and 50 watts on 2. and 70 cm.
    I did kill off a few wallwarts that were direct import from China and worked as transmitter replaced them by old transformer wall warts.
    Mostly everyone here is on cable tv, televisions have to obide the strict law of being able to work in an rf rich environment, if not the maker/seller of the television is responsable for repairs to make it so.
    Goes for all electronic goods here sold in the EU, the CE mark should be on it, and not the Chinese Export mark....
    If you cause interference use ferrite, make sure the T.V coax cables are in good shape, use metallic connectors keeping RF out of the cable,
    Use ferrite on connecting cables like HDMI and Audio cables.
    Make sure your station is running a clean signal.
    Check your antenna system for faults.
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  3. Jay Mojave

    Jay Mojave Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2015
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    Hello Big_Sho9: You didn't give us a lot to go on here. Oh yeah use to live in a apartment house years ago, took em all out. You know your Linear's ah hummin and ah buzzing when.

    Jay in the Great Mojave Desert.... :"Next Gas 150 Miles"
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  4. snippits75

    snippits75 Well-Known Member

    Nov 11, 2019
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    No, have not interfered with any neighbors TV.

    I did have interference on my over the air televisions while using 11 meter. Used a Pico Macom Truspec 54MHZ high pass filter that fixed the problem. I use a preamp on my over the air antenna system, and the filter was installed before the preamp.
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  5. Handy Andy

    Handy Andy Do Your Research First, Then Decide...

    Apr 23, 2018
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    I used to come over my own stereo - so to solve that problem I needed to make an RF cage for the radios' I used - to help shield it and also reroute the speaker wires with better cable - down and away from the CB station

    Any devices placed in line at the station, be it Power supplies (for the accessories and the Station) and SWR - Power meters and any RFI filtering - all needs to be tied together thru a process called BONDING - you make/create a single ground point for the Station - and use it to tie all your radio equipment together antenna included.

    Ferrites are optional but if you use the right power cord wiring, routing and safety - you can remove a lot, if not all - interference the CB does to your TV by simply dedicating some simple needs to your equipment.

    A lot of this is common sense.

    You don't put the radio flat on a desk nor use the bracket alone without mounting it - else you'd wind up with a trashed desktop soon enough from the abuse the sliding and that unsecured radio will endanger you and your desktop with pinch points and a tangled mess.

    If the interference is/was really bad, you may be better off to use a "Rack mounting" system for the Radio (your RF producing equipment) to contain these RF currents, common mode or just plain poorly shielded equipment not RF bypassed (SEE Uniden, Positive Or Negative Ground Insulated Chassis) in other words, MOUNT the CB equipment properly in a metal enclosure or designed case specific to the radio station so you can BOND the equipment within the case cabinet and use it as a common tie off point to ground the system and extend that grounding thru to the exterior (outside) if you can.

    If you're not interfering with your equipment - the less likely you'll be interfering with others.
    #5 Handy Andy, Sep 23, 2020
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2020
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  6. bob85

    bob85 Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2005
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    Yes, when I had my sigma4 up on 73ft of mast & about 100w I was accused of blowing a TV receiver up 3 houses down the street,
    the electrical storm we had that night was the culprit not me,

    I moved house and after a while both me and my ham buddy across the road were wiping his next door neighbor old George's TV out,

    we bought him a new TV antenna & coax, that fixed it,
    his coax braid had broke at the antenna, but we are so close to Emley Moor transmitter that his picture was OK until we hit the TX button.
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  7. 357magnum

    357magnum Sr. Member

    Feb 25, 2014
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    All Good With TV ! But can I work a Scanner & Cordless Phones ! Which I totally understand ! :whistle::LOL: I just need to be Careful when I decide to put " Too Much Fire In Da' Wire ! :whistle::LOL: " Actually it's like my Younger years living in a Tenement House ... Wife knows how to use that Broom ! :ROFLMAO: Stay Healthy & Safe ! 73 & God Bless ! Leo
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  8. big_sho9

    big_sho9 Guest

    I had a neighbor try to say it was me that was interfering, but because we are so far from the broadcast towers, and in the heat of the day, his signal would fade. At the time, I worked all day, and he knew it. I asked him if it done it at night. He said no. He got a funny look on his face when I told him I was only on there at night.
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  9. Eldorado828

    Eldorado828 8-2-8 Amarillo Tx Standing By

    Feb 21, 2016
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    Back around 2008 before I quit the hobby the first time, I ran a galaxy 2517 into a Texas star dx500 and out through a maco v58 I would set off the touch lamps throughout the house but not the tv. My neighbor tried to tell me that he could hear me through his direct tv but the times he said were about like your case to where they were never times transmitting. Maybe it's their ignorance and the sight of an antenna that has them concluding that. Going through divorce and selling everything including the house it was never determined to prove itself out but I really don't think it was me. I've yet to accused of that again
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  10. 543_Dallas

    543_Dallas Sr. Member

    Jul 25, 2011
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    I was setting off a touch lamp a city block away. The owner of that lamp figured it out because he's a radio guy. We had a good laugh about it.
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  11. TM86

    TM86 Sr. Member

    Jul 6, 2014
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    Once had a neighbor come on the air and tell me they could hear me on their toaster.

    Put the amp up for sale the next day and haven't run one since.
  12. autotuner

    autotuner Supporting Member

    Dec 25, 2010
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    Not Tv, but 6 metres screwed with the sh#t teenager next for and hip sh#t hip hop loud music. Came to me one day asking if I knew how to fix the loud hum in his stereo. Nope son, no idea. Glad the bogans ( look it up for the people outside Australia) moved out not long after.

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