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UNIDEN PRO-505XL: The Most Bang For The Buck;

Will these 505xl,s handle a irf520 mosfet upgrade ?.
Somebody told me this 505 already has a mosfet of a differant type in it but i havnt checked for myself just yet
Final conclusion regarding the pro505.
From the factory it definatley has a mosfet irf520 in the final output and no mods available just crank up the audio and wattage on the inside and go
Gotta take the BC645 mic apart again. I did a little reading on it. Found out it's has condenser mic element in it. Also I read an article on some taking the guts out of a Uniden pc 68 hand mic and transplanted it into a chrome road king shell with a little plastic glueing to adapt the PTT switch and used tin foil for shielding.
I won't do that but do the same mod I did on my CRE-8900's stock mic in enlarging the hole in front of the mic element. Hopefully the mic element is still good. It stopped working soon after I resoldered the lead on the back of the element or just buy a new one for under $15 at Amazon.
I think one thing I did wrong in reassembling the mic element is that I pushed the element too close to the mic grill and not back towards the rear. The rubber doughnut that the mic element is housed in acts like a noise canceling mic in limiting any sound that is not directly in front of the mic.
How I built my Best CB Mic Ever!
Amazon.com: Uniden BC645 4-Pin Microphone for CB Radios: Car Electronics

P.S. I think that the BC645 mic with it's condenser mic element beats out most stock mic's. The only one that I think so far that comes close is the Galaxy/Ranger stock hand mic sensitivity wise
Why not just leave the stock guts inside the chrome road king mic then just rewire the mic jack to the radio then if you wanna switch the mic peice inside the road king from a dynamic cartridge to a electric condensor you cando it fairly easy.
Would you agree that sounds more logical to rather then stripping out guts and useing glue ?
I still wonder why someone would want a 505 xl when for just a few buck more they could get a 520 xl and pick up RF Gain and a ANL switch for about the same size radio. I picked up a 510 xl in a indoor yard sale for $10.00 bucks and liked it but didn't take me long to get the 520 xl for the RF Gain. Just my Humble opinion !
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