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US Gov't 20 Trillion in Debt- what do you think will happen

Discussion in 'Prepper Forum' started by oldgeezer, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. oldgeezer

    oldgeezer New Member

    Aug 13, 2017
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    This debt is impossible to payoff unless the US drains everyone bank account. That just about cover the debt.

    Now, when the 2 trillion a year debt to run the US gov't cannot be borrowed. That is, no one will lend the US gov't the money due to risky credit, what do you think will happen? The US Gov't reduces size to minuscule gov't cutting about every program possible? NOT. The US gov't will be the last standing along with other powerful countries.

    First, the SS benefits will be cut down to next to nothing saving 2 trillion itself. On the books since the 1930s depression is anyone that has gold can have it seized by the US Gov't. It is the law. The US Gov't will seize your gold and jail others as an example that refused to release it. This will effectively strike fear in the US citizens in this country. Next, with one command to major banks, the US gov't in one day can empty out the cash in your bank accounts. You see, our gov't will not go away. It will simply take from its citizens as needed. It is not exactly the US gov't serving the people now, it is the people serving the US gov't.

    What can you do? I would have cash & gold assets in a Canadian bank. In Canada they speak English & you will blend in. The gold coins would be in a safety deposit box. When all this turmoil occurs, Canada will be slower to possibly seize bank accounts. They have only 30 million people to manage & feed. Their mineral deposits are the largest in the world & they have enough oil to not need imports. Your gold will buy anything and likely go up in value four times.

    So, when will all this mess occur? Not sure, but possibly with in 10 years. Not so likely sooner than 10 years. But, be prepared. IMO is more dangerous to your health & well being than a War on our ground.

    Myself? I will be preparing soon. Fortunately I have dual citizenship.

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