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Which one?

The Uniden 980's are known for having LCD display failures which is unfortunate.
The 980 I had the display started to fail less than 4 weeks after I got it.
I sent it back, they sent me another radio ( I think it was a refurb) and I sold it at a loss.
The radio itself was ok for a standard 40 channel SSB rig, the display problem sealed the deal for me.

I just got a McKinley, and have had a 980 for some time. I have not had a display problem with the 980 yet, but honestly, it stays in it's box on the shelf most of the time. The McKinley has an electret condenser mic that sounds great. I think all the President radios are winners. The McKinley is going to be mounted in a tall 50cal ammo can with a lithium battery for portable operation. You will like the McKinley for sure.

While on the subject....what does it take to drop the output to 1-2W for a linear? Pot adjustment?
Carrier power is a simple function on the front of the radio.
Hold the mic keyed, and push F/MEM key. Then turn channel knob to set carrier level. When done, push in channel knob and hold for a second.
i like my lincoln ii+. as for the 980,2 of em displays are crap.cost more to fix than buying another radio.
only reason i own 2 is a truckstop i fueled at had a point system my points were about to expire .cashed in got 2 - 980's and nuff left over to buy a large coke n a snack cake. the coke n cake was better part of the deal
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I spent the better part of today installing the McKinley in our 2000 Tacoma. I am going to end up 3D printing a lot of parts to make this fit but it seems to be a hell of a radio. The receiver seems to be excellent. For WX it is the only receiver I have that can actually pickup the "other" NOAA station far away. And today when just driving around I swapped my 5' Skipshooter for a 3' FireStik 'cus I was running out of squelch. And on clear airspace the pre-amp on the RM 203p is very noticeable. I was running a President Bill II FM (sweet little radio) but I wanted SSB so in with the huge ;)

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