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Which one?

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Jul 29, 2022
Magic City Alabama
I live in Sherwood Oregon. Willamette valley. You would think that the WX chans would be fired up around here. Nah. One is the norm on every radio I have ever used. The McKinley picks up two and that second one has either been dead until recently or the McKinley has a really sensitive tuner. My President Bill II FM can't using the same antenna. Not even with a pre-amp.
Oregon? You don't get no stinkin Weather All Harzard Radio (WAHR) Channel: https://www.weatherusa.net/radio

Locate a closet fornicating NWS station in nearby Washington. Go to their site specific and choose one of their WAHR Channels to assess which Oregon Counties the channel covers, if any. As a general rule, any State without a Weather Circus Orifice is picked up by surrounding offices in adjacent States, such as Richland 162.450 (Chnl 3).
Don't bother with https://www.weather.gov/nwr/
for any more than rough guesstimate of coverage
Has never been any more useful than just shy of useless.
Willamette Hopps, always my choice.


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