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Who has been here longest?

My first 2950dx was from express electronics!!!!!

I bought my first "export" radio from pinklightning.com which was a connex 4800dxl which turned out to be a pos which I traded to dave pace for my first 2950dx which I still own and operate and that's from 2001.
The stuff of RadioTech...I thought David might have gotten out of it by selling the shop to Mr. Stone...Looks like god could not even save him. Then Omnitronics.

Whatever, I don't know the truth behind it all as I'm just an outsider.

Pacetronics is still up though...
Are you asking about the old EZ Board forum? There is only the front page there, all of the posts are gone.
I am not sure if Tim saved anything from the last forum, I will find out for you and let ya know.

Who is here the longest
Although i been here a few years
I still see many that were already here when i found this site

best of all is
it has kept its open minded way

not closing out others for no reason like so many other sites like this
Also many here do truely understand this hobby of ours well

Thumbs up i say
CDX DX Certificate

Yeah, i just looked at mine from Charger and it's dated 03-10-02 I new that the date was wrong saying 2005. I remember when this place was starting up, an' was/is going strong.I'll stay here till it or i die off!!! Love this place an always will...... Have a great day Brothers and sister's.
Down an' out for now.
73s Bandit169nwind,Bandit169,CDX169,2-RSN-004 Indiana.
Yea, I remember I joined radiotech and this place at the same time. I had about a year at radiotech before mack banned me. That was long before Dave's fall. I just liked chatting with Buzzbros--pm me if anyone know about that guy. I'm just curious.

Too bad I forgot my account ID/password here and had to make a new one.

Buzzbros, Man I always wondered what happened to him, Phil 501 and fasteddy man its been a while. another that left was hd7 something. Been awhile.
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AudioShockWave....I will never forget that one contest!

Xforce 400 for 1st place.
Down to the wire in the last 30 minutes...dead even!
Then you grabbed it with 2 more contacts..... very sad day indeed for the DXman!

Don't remember when I first arrived... but it was many moons ago!!
I worked hard to keep up with you old friend, and mother nature was just being good to me that day!
Remember when there was a poll to ban the West Coast Tag team from the contest? (y) (y)


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    Hello I have a old school 2950 receives great on all modes and transmits great on AM but no transmit on SSB. Does anyone have any idea?
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