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Who has been here longest?

Bump - O - La !

My avatar is now my CDX Certificate dated May of 2002, but my posts say 2005 or something like that. I don't know how much before May of 2002 I was on "this" board or its predecessors...

since 1999

I was 96th member on the EEI forum (allgassedup) and tagged along when others jumped ship. The ultrasupermegaturbotweaked Galaxy radio I got from David still puts out some serious AUDIO. I was living in a townhouse and didn't have a base station, the new manager didn't like my 2x8 Joker box in the Peterbilt so I was off air for few years. It's good to see all the familiar names again. I'm in a house now, hopefully I can get a chimney mount and a 200A power supply soon.
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I was here back in the EEI Pace/Dean days. I too left after the hawing about money. I offered Dean to take over hosting the board. I even drove to Nacogdoches and met him to trade some equipment. Got a damn big speeding ticket on that trip too dammit:censored:

Bought an RCI6300 that fried itself and a 2970DX that would walk the dog from EEI (peaked & turbo tuned:love:). I had bought a second hand dave made 1kw box that Peakaboo converted from C to AB. To this day that was one of the best boxes I ever owned. I lost everything during Katrina though. That was back in my largecar rock bucket days. All I have now is a 77HML and an IMAX that I use for my base.

I remember some good people being on here too, Doc and Old #7 could always answer a question in layman's terms. There was another guy with wolf as his avatar that could tell you how to build a mini-nuclear reactor to power your 4 16-pills to get around having to buy a motor maul. I can remember alot of good people with a lot of good information. Seems like with this board that still holds true.:D


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    If the antenna leads of an inverted V dipole are at 45 degrees instead of at 180 degrees, what happens to the signal?
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    @AF7LL At 45 degrees it will be omnidirectional. At 180, horizontal, it will be directional.
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