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With sadness I announce..................

Captain Kilowatt

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Apr 6, 2005
Nova Scotia,Canada
Just logged in and found a notice on my profile page from Tallman aka Dennis Kinsfather's wife telling me that Dennis passed away yesterday in Louisville Kentucky. Here is her message:

sylvia kinsfather I just wanted to let you know Tallman, aka Dennis Kinsfather passed away yesterday in Louisville, KY.
He enjoyed this website so much. Please keep him in your prayers, His wife, Sylvia kymeerkat@att.net

RIP Dennis. :(
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Thats horrible news. Dennis and I had a difference in opinion about a lot of things but he was good people. He was big enough to send me a PM after the political thread and I'm glad he did. I'm thankful the last exchange of words I had with him were positive. May he rest in peace and God bless his family.
Dennis, I hope this is where you are, I hope this is your afterlife and you’re happy and free of the burdens that were weighing you down. I can’t believe you’re gone


I guess I’ll press on with our plan for world domination, I’ll carry you my friend.


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