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Doesn't show the back panel, but with a Killer Bee and a honey of an assortment of Vertical and Horizontal selectors - can easily see why they didn't...
This device is a flat panel - with cutouts and a rework of other radios and power supply - " a breakout box" is what I used to call these - a self-contained amplifier/radio system.

Is it worth it?

Unless you have the shells and casings of what this originated from - the $1,700 price tag - as shown, you do not have any clue as to what this originated from.

Most certainly a Caveat Emptor.

Parts bin stuff - at the most a salvage - but if you don't have the radio cases or (like shown) an RCI radio case - they put all the parts into one box but rewired the box to breakout the different features - whether it has all the features - is up to you to decide if it's worth the pursuit of finishing the job.

As you will see thru further investigation - this is a "Big box" and none of the panels line up - good luck with this.
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A shack in the box!

I don't think it's all that bad.

I somewhat admire the creative thinking but it's a bit trashy looking.

Maybe if the original radio box was black and some creative looking bezels were used for each component, they would blend in better.
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Showing the world the inside would probably scare off too many prospective victims.

I have seen the inside of a handful of customized DAK cabinets. The quality of the wiring is usually pretty sad.

My favorite one of them all had a Connex 3300 and a Texas Star DX500 concealed discreetly inside. All of the space below the chassis deck was filled with two side-by-side industrial switchmode power supplies.

Just one problem. They were the industrial "open frame" variety without any kind of metal shielding enclosure. The receiver had a perpetual S5 noise level with the antenna unplugged. This is why the widely-used "brick" switchmode supplies have that aluminum skin wrapped around them. For shielding.

Told the guy that the bright side is he won't have to listen to any weak signals out there.


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