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yaesu ft-891 and ATAS 120A

Just got K7LZR email.

Hello everyone,

I am please to tell you that the RadioFace CAT control program for the FT-891 is now available for download!

This is a totally free program which adds some convenience to operation of the FT-891. I do apologize for this taking longer than planned, but other obligations had limited my time to work on it.

I will continue to support this program on a limited basis and add a few features when time permits.

To download, goto http://www.carasmfg.com and use the page link to the left.

Thank you so much for patience and take care.

- Darrell/K7LZR
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Only see two port settings. Can't get rig recognized yet. Done the usual troubleshooting with drivers. I see another user has same issue. Just waiting on more bug reports and fixes.
I couldn't an't get the setup file to open on my win 10 86 machine... tells me to run it in 66.

redown loaded it and extracted it. ran the setup and it works FB!!

DO as mentioned, run and follow the Read Me files prior to running the setup exe.

This is GREAT sowtware fr the 891!!!!!
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Have everything pretty much working, except the mouse roller to change the digital numerals for the frequency change..

the "bar" at the bottom comes on, but, no digit changes when I roll the mouse
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The ft 891 com port drivers must be installed before the setup exe is run.

check for the proper baud rate and that Cat control is ENABLED on the rig.

I know you read and followed the README file, so did I, but the driver install failed on my first try and it didn't give me any message about the failed install.

After I installed the drivers (the second time), I rebooted the puter to ensure they were loaded. then I ran the actual program setup

I had to COMPLETELY remove the installed extracted program and the downloaded ZIP files....... and then re download it after my first install attempt failed, then it installed properly from the setup.exe file.
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