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yaesu ft-891 and ATAS 120A

Interesting. Due to my mounting restrictions, I have it on a trunk lip mount on the rear hatch. That has some tiny coax at the mount end. Once it "hooks up", it works perfectly, it just seems to lose contact when radio turning on. I will recheck my grounding straps, etc. Thanks for the tip.

I had that issue all of the time with the ATAS 120A & I had more than enough ground wires & I had the antenna mounted on the passenger side rear bed stake. I was using the 857D. Also the antenna would fill up with water every time it rained which required me to take it apart & get the water out & spray it down inside. Another local had the same issues that I did & his finally came apart one day while it was trying to find a tune. I replaced it with a TARHEEL II & all of my mobile antenna issues for HF/6 meter went away & the TARHEEL II talked circles around the ATAS 120A. Yaesu was Zero help for either of us & we were both happy when we no longer owned the antennas. He was using the original 857 & both of us also were happy when those radios belonged to somebody else as well. I have sworn off Yaesu radios & antennas forever at any price since they have been far from desirable to me. I replaced the 857D with the ICOM 7000 & it is a real radio that performs like no other mobile I have ever used or owned. Only Yaesu's I own & use are my (2) Yaesu G-800SDX antenna rotors.

OK,... dug a little deeper in my hard drive and I have the original drivers file and the setup file for radioface 891..

if you want it let me know and send an e mail address so I can send it to you.
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I checked the FB group today and found this info.


It seems that there is a new program in the future for 891 control.
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Hi guys,

I am the author of the old RadioFace program and I did abandon it for a long time for various reasons. I am indeed working on a totally new program which is primarily for the FT-991/A but will also support the FT-891 when finished :).

Here is the latest screenshot:

I will post updates to Facebook, and here also if I remember :).

Hi everyone, here's an update -

The new program is called KiraLinkFT and is coming along nicely. Here is the latest screenshot:


Two versions will be available - one version will have built-in digital mode support for RTTY/PSK etc. and the other version will not.

Shouldn't be much longer. Stay tuned!
I hope that ATAS 120A last longer than mine did & works better.I have never owned or used any antenna that had so many issues. Every time it rained it filled with water & it also would start tuning in the middle of a QSO. I saw just how poor of an antenna it really was once I replaced it with a TARHEEL II which kicked it to sleep with ease.I also replaced the garbage Yaesu FT=857D with an ICOM 7000 & it also was a HUGE step up over the excuse for a transceiver 857D.I no longer own anything with the Yaesu name on it other than my Two G-800SDX rotors which work great.

I own and run the 897D radio and for a shack in a box , as I have said it is a good radio, just not a great radio.
I do have to say that it has been a rugged radio.
Been camping with it many times, banged around and used all over the place.
I even poured water out of it one time after it got left out on the table at our camp site and we had rain.
Still works fine.
One time I even had a huge brain fart and dumped RF into the front end of it of it by accident.
( please don't ask)
It did require some minor repair but it still lives on.
Yes the DSP is not great.
The NB sucks.
The speech processor is not very effective.
But for what I paid for it and what it does it is a lot of radio.
I have no experience with the ATAS antenna because I have never used one.
I use a LDG 200Pro antenna tuner behind it and have loaded up a lot of junk with it and talked all over with it.
I don't plan on getting rid of it anytime soon.
It has served me well.
Would I pay full price for a new one today.

Any input on how well the ATAS works on 2/440? I rarely (practically never) work repeaters. I do talk to a few locals on 2 meter simplex, though. I'm sure my dual band mag mount would be more efficient. If the ATAS is adequate, then I might just go that route.

I know there are better mobile antenna options, but I have the ATAS. I tried the ATAS on my Cherokee Sport with it using my 891, but grounding issues plagued me. Now, I'm going to try it on my Grand Cherokee. I suspect I'll have same issues. I know I'll never be a mobile ratchet jaw. I'd be happy with 10,11 and 40 meters. Once I see if I like it, then I'll graduate to a big ass fancy screwdriver. I haven't read about the NB issue. Just hope it works on ignition junk.

DSP is no bother since I grew up without it. Suppose I can always trade the 857 for something else if it irritates me. I had one before, but got rid of it before I really got familiar with it.

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