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yaesu ft-891 and ATAS 120A

Ask and it will happen someday guys.

holy googly moobly :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

I emailed the author of that program yesterday and he added some basic controls for the FT-891 today. He is asking for feedback from users. Nice android based alternative!

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Hello Brett,

FT891 config is now in the central repository, based on FT-450 config. Not all functions are checked/adapted, so please check for the moment the following:
- set frequency
- set mode
- set output power

Some other commands may work too.

Please send me your feedback.
I may not have time to check this out for a few days... anyone else want to give it a whirl?

On edit to be clear, this is the Pocket rx/tx android program by Dan Toma. It is on Google Play.

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Darrel posted this...

Darrell HagantoRadioFace FT-891 CAT Program
4 hrs ·
Hi everyone, it has come to my attention that some of you are having issues with getting this program to work correctly. RadioFace uses a Microsoft COM control for serial
communication between radio and computer. This method has some apparent incompatibilities with some builds of Windows.

So, I am going to rewrite the low-level comm routines to try to work around this. I will post let you know when the update is available.

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New updates


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Recent Facebook post from Darrell...

Well, we have a problem. New comm stuff for our program is going well but I had a power surge here which damaged 2 of my computers and a router and the FT-891 was hooked into one of them and so now I can't get the computer to recognize the FT-891 no matter what I do (reset radio, hooked to different computer, Yaesu driver properly loaded, etc.) so I can no longer test with it.
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My Comet mount took a dump while traveling down I35 the other day. Antenna hung on by the coax. I thought it was ok, but when I replaced the mount, it seems the coax is not attached in the connector. Will have to either try to fix it or buy another short length of coax. :( Sorry the Windows program is having some growing pains, but it looks promising and should be fun once he gets it all working. Same for the RXTX app, it is missing a couple of things, but is working for the most part.

They started a Facebook group for this software. I read a post that mentioned mouse wheel assignment being an issue with other applications. Say it's a Win 10 bug.

RadioFace FT-891 CAT Program

I have found a "workaroumd" for the mouse wheel not changing the Tx freq.

Just place the mouse indicator over the digit.... . a line will appear under it,................... then use the keyboard up/dowm arrow to change the freq,

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