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    Icom IC-2730 Review

    Patc Press and hold the three keys then press and hold the pwr key.After starting release the keys. Note: it takes three hands and a toe to doe this.HiHi. Mike
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    Icom IC-2730 mars mod

    Did this mod and works just fine for me.Your mileage may vary. Fuzzy
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    Icom IC-2730 Review

    Matt that cat5 connector is great . I'll look for one and do something like that. Right now the body of the radio is under the pass seat with a short cat 5 lead to a cat5 coupler to mic. 1. head next to dash 2. radio under seat 3. mic cable
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    Icom IC-2730 Review

    I made a L-bracket for the radio control head and placed the assembly between the two sections of the car control panel. NOT as nice as Matt's but it works for me. Fuzzy
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    Icom IC-2730 mars mod

    I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS MOD. DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!! Fuzzy Remove D307 and D315
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    Icom IC-2730 Review

    Got it to work. read the directions closer. My bad! thanks again Moleculo Fuzzybr
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    Icom IC-2730 Review

    Moleculo, I'm not having any luck. 1. Press and hold both MAIN keys, MONI, and then press power. (nothing is happening after this. Maybe not holding my mouth right????) 2. Press MENU. 3. Rotate a tuning knob and select EXMENU. 4. Press MW. Rotate a tuning knob and select OTHERS. 5. Press MW...
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    President Lincoln 2 Version 3's are back in stock

    back in stock "back in stock" where?
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    Looking for old friend

    I' m looking for a friend. His handle is David 529. he used to hang out on 27.835 lsb, but now?? , i think around 27.425 He use to live along the western states in the 90's but i think he is now in GA. If any has contact with him, would you tell him that Triple1 southwest ind is looking for...
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    What do you think of Baofeng?

    Junk Cheap Junk
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    icon ic 7200 mod

    to answer your question the mars mod opens the transmitter to all-band(0-30 mhz). On an icom 7200 remove r-49.
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    My station changing slowly

    your radio equipment Nice setup
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    ft270r tx threw ft2900

    crosssband repeat is what you are looking for? Stokes you need a radio that will do crossband repeat,such as a ft-8800 or ft-8900. the other manufacture's have radios that do crossband repeat also. do a internet search on ft-8800 crossband repeat and you will find a lot of info.
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    Pleasant surprise Sirio New Tornado

    lets try this again 1) a diople is not dc grounded either. 2) it loads up and PERFORMS GREAT on 40 mtrs. This was also tested with a Comet CAA-500 antenna analyzer. So not only does one have a ant for 24-30 mhz(A-99) now one can have an ant for 40 mtr and 11-10 mtrs
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    WTB clean working Handic 3605

    Still looking but add a Zackery T Still looking but add a Zackery T