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  1. Jaydean

    Biggest Antenna on the Planet

    Yes I enjoyed the video. Very good.
  2. Jaydean

    Base The Biggest CB Antenna in Australia

    You can see the full story here: https://www.computer7.com/the-biggest-cb-antenna-in-australia/
  3. Jaydean

    Biggest Antenna on the Planet

    OK, thats interesting I will take a better look at that. Yes transmitting at low frequencies like that is a bit of a worry especially when they use such huge power.
  4. Jaydean

    Biggest Antenna on the Planet

    Wow that is amazing.
  5. Jaydean

    Biggest Antenna on the Planet

    Sorry what I meant was that it is perhaps the biggest CB Antenna on the planet. Yes your antenna certainly wins size wise. Wow what a ripper. Thank you for sharing this with me. Kind regards Jaydean
  6. Jaydean

    Acom Amplifiers

    Yes I also have an Acom 1000 and using other electronic equipment within meters of the amp and no interference at full output. Very nice amplifiers, clean output and great filtering.
  7. Jaydean


    Acom 1000 amplifier for sure. I have used quite a few amps but the Acom is a real gem.
  8. Jaydean

    Biggest Antenna on the Planet

    Hi Folks Just wondering if anyone's seen the new antenna that Motormouth Maul has just put up. I've never seen anything like it before. It has a 117 foot long boom and 16 elements on 27Mhz! Iv'e seen big antennas before but nothing like this...
  9. Jaydean

    Amplifier recommendations.

    I think the LDMOS amplifiers will eventually take over as they are much less complicated to build and they pump out huge power. Also they run at around 50V so switchmode power supplies are also much cheaper than trying to make a huge 13.8V beast that runs at several hundred amps.
  10. Jaydean

    Base Avanti Moonraker 4

    Yes it is definitely worth the price. They are a very nice antenna.
  11. Jaydean

    Base Best antenna of my life

    Does anyone have a good design of a 27Mhz quad? Preferably 4 element.
  12. Jaydean

    Uniden Madison Swing Mod

    I agree. For the small amount of extra power gained it's not worth heating up the final transistors.
  13. Jaydean

    5/8 Wave groundplane 1.5:1 SWR all over the band

    I have the same antenna. It is the newer version purchased from Strictly Ham in Australia. Mine is exactly the same, I cant get the SWR below 1.5 to 1. I replaced the matching system with copper as the drawn aluminium one is very brittle and eventually breaks. Good antenna but I also would like...
  14. Jaydean

    Base Best antenna of my life

    Have you ever tried this product? If so does it work?
  15. Jaydean

    Base Best antenna of my life

    I been using quads for years. I think they are the best antennas for working DX, I love them.