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Recent content by jdobbs2001

  1. J

    Conroy Dawson, Paterson, New Jersey

    I bet they will garnish wages etc. how stupid can you get.
  2. J

    Fabrice Polynice, Harold Sido and Veronise Sido, Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture

    Why would they ignore the warnings? Now they are hit with 144k fine. What the heck, and they kept at it over and over. You would think big fines would be a deterrent.
  3. J

    Word that Fox and CNN plan 24/7 Trump news coverage channels

    Yeah its bad enough if we were being invaded by Aliens today the news coverage would be trump trump trump trump trump trump,trump aliens spotted and now trump trump trump trump trump, new special trump coverage, paris burning aliens, and now melania and trump trump trump trump.........
  4. J

    Any one know about numbers lady

    My dad used to operate a Numbers station when he was in cuba. I heard so much interesting stuff. And you would be surprised at the actual content. He did it for one year before he was able to escape.
  5. J

    wwv receiver?

    When i have some free time I want to build a clock using one of those surplus rubidium oscillators you can find on ebay. That would be the epitome of overkill for bedside alarm clock but it would be a neat build.
  6. J

    wwv receiver?

    Wow nice collection. Why the need for external antenna, is it because of all the crap RFI in homes today due to cheap asian switching power supplies etc?
  7. J

    Do you know the differences between Driving in Florida and Nascar?

    If you can survive miami driving you can drive anywhere.
  8. J

    Word that Fox and CNN plan 24/7 Trump news coverage channels

    in the next few weeks there are plans for a dedicated 24/7 Trump news coverage channels on cable/directv one from CNN and one from Fox. I guess ratings are so high that extra channels are needed. I dont think even Trump dreamed he would get this much media exposure.
  9. J

    Talked to WalMart Today on a HT?

    You know, just because you can does not mean you should. There are some people in my neighborhood who use motorola DTRs on public channel 1. I hear them and I could legally go talk to them etc.. But I dont. I keep my DTR radios set to a different channel and not disturb them.
  10. J

    Weak solar cycles = another big decline of the 11 meter local & DX population

    Channel 38 was packed actually all channels full this evening.
  11. J

    38 LSB is hot today

    wow all channels hot no problem making contacts to Maryland etc,.. from south florida. They are coming in strong. Even 365 new york. Damn skip strong. Funny listening to 38LSB sounds like a ham pileup. With all the CQ DXing going on lol. Did a quick check on 10meters and crickets. 11meters...
  12. J

    Kenwood TH-D74 Review: 144/220/440 Mhz with D-Star, APRS, HF, and More

    Nice radio if it handled DMR for the DMR repeaters in my area it would be golden.
  13. J

    Video/review of the revolutionary Icom-7300 Software defined Export CB

    LOL but then it will cost 4000 dollars like that Rare Cobra going for 700 bucks.
  14. J

    Video/review of the revolutionary Icom-7300 Software defined Export CB

    You can activate the roger beep via the service menu. 8 choices.
  15. J

    AOR AR5700DB Wideband Receiver

    Stay away. AOR gear inflated prices because they sell to Govt. Think 5000 dollar hammer. You are better off buying something like the Airspy SDR etc..