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Recent content by KingCobra_CDX882

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    VHF and or UHF Phantom antenna

    Here You go.. You should find something from here... Then Follow it to the site to buy... antenex antenna - Bing Images
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    Base murs gmrs frs antenna

    Well... I used the Comet GP-9 for many Years Yes it is a 2 meter and 70 cm vertical ham antenna.. It had No Problem though ( swr's were more then ok ) and i spoke with it Really well.. is a High Gain Vertical...Not too big at all.. and Holds together Quite well.. Only after some...
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    Have I mentioned that I hate winter yet?

    Myself... I used to Love the Winter.. Now you can KEEP it...lol.. Winter is for Kids i Suppose.. Between the Freezing Cold..the Snow and Ice.. I Too would Rather be able to simplyWalk to the Beach..lol
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    4 ohm speaker

    A couple things You should Know.. replacing 8 Ohm speaker with a 4 Ohm It is the Speaker ( not the amp ) that decides what Power to Pull and thus Feed the Speaker.. So using a 4 Ohm in place of an 8 Ohm can cause several issues with an amp Designed for 8 Ohm's given these radios you are using...
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    Works really well.. Even on DSL.. Used it for business about 7 or more years already.. at a retail store no less ( it does mention iif you use it a lot...you may incur additional charges...But Never happened in a Big Retail Store....so...has been Perfect as far as i have seen ) regarding...
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    Some Very Good Designs on your link
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    REAL far south DX!

    Now that was a Great DX Contact ConGrats
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    Clear Channel AR 3500

    You indeed got yourself Excellent Radios.. the AR-3500 Always Worked Extremely well for me.. Heck...until i got the 706 MKIIG it had been my Best Radio that i used Specifically for SSB.. Now with my 706 MKIIG and IC-7000 radios there is No longer a need for me to g back to the AR-3500 But...
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    Baofeng UV5R. Confused After FCC Call

    MURS is a Great band to use locally.. Typically it is not as messed up as GMRS/FRS can be.. I simply have my HT's set to be usable on all VHF-UHF bands
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    Splain something to me lucy

    I Hear you.. Give me a Good HF rig anytime.. Usually Far better receive and transmit.. Use Decent antenna.. and Good to go.. I realized that long ago
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    Just passed my tech.

    Hey Congats.. Welcome to Both the Hobby and the Forum
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    Icom IC-V80 sport

    I am Sure it will be a Decent HT Indeed.. As mentioned though..For What you're going to pay for the Icom but can get two Baofeng UV-5R's or one Wouxun. If you want...Even buy a Used Icom T90 Even though i have Many HT's.. my T90 has so great signal and audio reports.. I am usually...
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    What size coax for base station

    for basic radio.. No Amp... No High Power.. I would say RG-213 or LRM400 will do well.. I went with better...But then i also needed 165 ft. ( other reasons as well...Just keep it simple though is Best )