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11 meter is very quiet?

Unit 75

Jul 29, 2014
Central Alabama
Got my 45 foot long 6 element up at the 10 foot (half way point). I had a 1.03 to 1 at knee high height but as soon as I checked it at 4 foot it shot up to 1.53 to 1. At 10 feet it has dropped down some to 1.46 to 1. I think Im just gonna re match it at the 10 foot height while I can reach stuff then put it on top so its 20 feet up. I did get a decent check against my 5 element (26ft boom) Radioman 101 is north of me, I swung the 5 element at him and he recorded my signal. The 5 is 25 foot up on a tower. Radio said I went up 1 S unit on him using the 6 element compared to my 5. He also said I went up 4 S units compared to my scatter stick at 30 feet. I guess its working good. I had no skip from up north coming in. At least I can talk north on this thing for now. Im calling the antenna Locomotive Breath. Yes, JT fans lol
Trainman steppin'IMG_6833.JPG


Feb 17, 2015
Where the West Begins.
Nothing but noise and tons of it! Not a voice one, randomly on AM 19 a local or passing trucks but aside from that just lots of noise on both AM & SSBView attachment 40753 ..... Pretty wild how high the noise levels are[/QUO

I’m not showing above 3-S on IH95 and IH81 over on East Coast from Norfolk, VA to Albany, NY until right into metro areas on AM-19.

Sideband quieter, but dead.

5-10/miles easily (to 24-miles a few nights ago) on AM. No lack of yackety-yakkers out here.

I do have a boxful of filters & ferrites installed, maybe that’s part of it.


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