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11 meter is very quiet?

Nice QSO with some locals!

“Twister” in my area…really nice guy! Been talking to him since I got a radio. Also 139 and 083 near Big bear lake. They sounded choice!! Said I was getting out and sounding great!!! My KL503 doing it’s thang!!!!
How much you squeezing out of that 503? I have been thinking about getting one to play around with.
Just got up from a nap and thought I would see how DX Land is doing on my Ranger, just made contact with 313 in Alabama, hopefully snag some more contacts this afternoon and this evening,hope all of my Radio Friends are well and have a great week ahead,God Bless!!
Lately I just can't make it home in time to catch some good conditions. Faint in the receive this evening so not much to work with. What sucks is during about mid-day I'm catching skip from all over on 19 then get home and the party is about over.

Come on conditions, give me a chance!

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