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11 meter is very quiet?

after 9 pm n i got done on 2 meters 11 was very active .australa was strong and lots of southeast states too lsb and am
and lets stop complainin bout the nuts start that in nuther post ,lets see how far this grows.
tweety bird musta flew when granny cleaed his cage . dang it
Well I finally had a buddy come up to help me test my repaired Lincoln II+ and with DX opening up a little I can see I have a useable radio now. They could have done better in the alignment of the radio but at least if I set the clairifier at 2 O clock I can understand people and be understood. Life goes on ! LOL
Like the bike 828 but I hope you wear a helmet :giggle:.
Now being serious, good start on your future shop.

Always safe on those highways and byways is what I'm constantly hearing in the receiver so a helmet it is :ROFLMAO: .

No future shop mi amigo, personally use only. I like to tinker while I'm babbling, multitask so to learn something. I'm piecing it together as I go and when time permits so next is trying to put up the home brew radio cabinet into the allotted space. I've got the dx shakes pretty bad so it needs to go up.

So much rain here lately (daily and unusual) is hindering the mast process, concrete etc so figured I'd work on the indoor side of things.
Conditions seem to be peaking at this time. While adding a few extra crystals on an old 23ch Royce 606 I hollered for a radio check on ch26 AM. 3 stations came back immediately, all giving me strong signal reports. No amp, just 3.5 watts with my Imax 2000 antenna. Pipe line between Western NY to NC, but other states are also well represented.

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    West indies and Australia coming in to South Jersey
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    Arkansas skip has been heavy at nights here lately. Australians all over the place
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