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Build me a Ham Shack


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Feb 17, 2016
feedpoint mounted autotuners
That would be me :)


The two dots closest the the rear of the house are where the SGC SG-230 sits .
It "kinda" werks :-/
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Apr 14, 2002
I owned an Icom 7300 and did a basic review of the features in this article: https://www.worldwidedx.com/threads/icom-ic-7300-hf-transceiver-review.199009/ It's quite a bit of radio for the money. The one thing I didn't cover in that article is that the panadapter is pretty good but it isn't all that sensitive compared to others I've used. As I recall, the weak stations didn't really show up on that rig - I've seen better results with the Elecraft KX3 and K3. That aside, it is a solid rig, especially for the price. Rob Sherwood's RX tests rate it pretty favorable, as well. I certainly think you will be very happy with this rig as the centerpiece for a new HF ham shack.
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YR Mason FL

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I recently upgraded from my FT-991A to the FTdx10 and both are excellent radios. The FTDX10 has the best selectivity and filtering that I have ever experienced. I love this rig!
At 60 my eyes are no longer the super vision that they used to be so the external monitor is excellent and having a wireless mouse through the dx10 is a plus too. ( I suggest the Logitech M310 as some of the newest models may not work according to others experiences).

If I was forced to have any complaints it would be that Yaesu should have back-lit the buttons around the VFO like they did on the 991A. I keep my shack dimly lit and back lighting would have been good. Other than that I have zero complaints.

Best wishes on your decision. BJ has been a very good friend and brother since at least 1974 and has a wealth of experience in radio so I definitely respect his opinion.

Nothing wrong with the IC-7300 as it seems that you can't throw a CQ out there without hitting at least one. Probably the best bang for the buck for a new operator with a limited budget.

I myself am a Yaesu man

Alan Blackmon

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Apr 11, 2017
Boise Idaho
I have a SG-230 tuner on my 6 foot fence. 2 radials along the fence in both directions. The antenna is a long wire pulled up into the tree and bent over going a little further in a inverted L shape. Total length is around 60 ish or so feet. It isn't visible for the most part except for the tuner housing on the fence which no one outside my yard can see. With it I cover 160-10. I have a Yeasu 7300.

Now full disclosure I do have a 6BTV I run too. My HOA doesn't really mind because I have kept things relatively invisible. I am the HOA president and the board knows what I have but they know it isn't in your face visible. I can't have big beams on a tower but I am on the air.
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Jan 8, 2022
I'm headed to Ham Radio Outlet's grand opening on Mon. or Tues. 2/7/22 or 2/08/22 in Winter Garden Fla. It is within a few miles of HamCation. I'll be at booth events and be looking for a deal. After all the information has finally settled down in my head that FTdx10 is looking good, but the Elecraft KX3 may be my first radio. I'm thinking portable to learn the craft and antennas plus I can add on to the KX3 to make it a home station.
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