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Build me a Ham Shack


Jan 8, 2022
I'm sure with all the experience here you can help me avoid some pitfalls. I've 5k and want a first time Ham Shack. I am not interested in this HT I bought after the exam. I'll not explain here my journey through the pitfalls I've been in so far, it's posted elsewhere. I need some folk who are interested in keeping Amateur Radio growing. I'm 69 yrs old, live in an HOA, and think not only is Ham Radio a fun, interesting, challenging, deeply engaging and electrifying experience, it is a necessity for a free people to assist each other in remaining independent and self reliant. Another factor is emergency assistance for others from disasters both natural and otherwise. I did say HOA and most of my neighbors are good folk who believe the community boards keep them safe and secure. I've been kicked in the butt too many times to rely solely on pieces of paper stating rules and regs. Tornados can't read. Mobs don't obey rules. Food and water shortages may be solved by the National Guard but people can dehydrate days before the Guard can assemble. One radio can save a life. Two radios in conjunction can form an alliance. That's worth 5 grand, wouldn't you agree?

Gotta start somewhere brother. Money is an instrument of trade with no intrinsic value other than a medium. 10k, 15k, doesn't mean anything special either. 5k is my bid for a base station. Wadda ya got!
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When i'm asked to build a station my simple answer is use 10% for a radio and 90% for the antenna farm.
If you roll your own antenna's ( making them yourself) you can use the saved bucks for the radio set up.
a mediocre radio on good antenna's = results.
A 5 K radio on some mediocre antenna is bad results.
Living in a H.O.A. might limit your set up for antenna's depending on their rules.
Still try to get the best up what you can then think radio.
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I mean 5k to get on the air and not 5k for just a radio. I see this isn't the place, just yet, to build a small shack, thank you in any event. I'm going to HamCation in Orlando 2/11-13/2022 next month and thought I'd have an idea in mind if an opportunity presented itself.
@sp5it you are correct for sure, my wife's call on this locale. Me, I wanted a wrap around porch on a field surrounded with trees. Thank you for your advice. BTW I know you are sane and you know you are sane, but the others, the folks who only see Marty Feldman's face might not agree. Your first name isn't Abbie is it?
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Thank you @Shadtree Mechanic I'll find out for sure regarding the flagpole, which company are your referring to? I have seen the 7' flamingo and a 54" hoop although not familiar with the flagpole. Y'know what I'll look into it, thank you for the idea.
5k is plenty of money to get going. You can snag an Icom 718 with a tuner or a 7300, run a dipole for now. Then you can get a couple of hand held radio's that can hit some repeaters. You should have it covered. Save the rest of your money until your in a different location where you can install a better antenna system.

Heck you might consider getting a nice mobile rig in your vehicle with a good antenna. If you really had to you could run coax from the house to your vehicle in the driveway. At this point you will have to define what your limitations are for an antenna. I guess that is step one, find out what you can and cannot run as far as a tower/antenna. Then work from there.
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