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CB Radio Blowout Sale! Voyage VR-9000 ButtFuzz says "sell 'em!"


Anti-BS Advocate ● WO0WOO ● Reverend Doctor
Aug 11, 2005
Sunny Salem, VA
$125 Gets the following shipped to your door, CONUS, via USPS Priority Mail:

Voyage VR9000 Export CB Radio Cleverly Disguised As A Galaxy Pluto

Same as Dirland DSS-9000 and countless other Galaxy clones.
1 segment of last LED in FC display bad, as shown in pics.
New S/RF meter and bulb.
Hi-Band switch installed.


Here's what the radio looked like before... you may always peel the Pluto decal off if desired.

JUST the radio, NOT the LEENYER, speakers, VOM, etc.

Comes with mounting bracket, knobs, stock mic (or newer SuperStar equivalent) and power cable.

Will consider trades.
Always looking for unmolested Uniden upd858 or MB8719 radios.

Thanks for your consideration.

Payment via PayPal.
Local pickup / CASH / Salem, VA always welcome.

Redbeard U812

WDX-1030 / U812 South Texas
Jul 14, 2018
Your titles for sales somehow reminded me of a commercial from back in the '80's.....was a New Orleans bidness.....

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Redbeard U812

WDX-1030 / U812 South Texas
Jul 14, 2018
That must be why those Frankie and Johnnie commercials came to mind. The catch phrase was there. F&J was "Let 'Em Have It" .....and "You Gotta See Tha Special Man". But that one with the Free Bucket of Chicken..........Priceless. Was just a little lagniappe, but the over sensitive would call it racist now.
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