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  1. H

    Galaxy Saturn lights

    Hey Everyone! I am new to the CB hobby and just got my first Base Station Radio. I had a Galaxy 55 before and it had the blue display lights on it. I love the look of the blue lights and how gentle they are on my eyes of the night time. Is there a way to change the lights in the Galaxy Saturn...
  2. JB383RI

    Super Galaxy Intermittent Transmit Problem. Any Ideas?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for some help on a super galaxy mobile. I'll try to provide as much detail as possible. The PCB number is worn off but I believe it is a EPT3600-xxx When the radio is first turned on and you key the mic, it will transmit at full transmit power for a split second then...
  3. C

    Galaxy DX2547 No Receive Audio - GNF affect

    Dx2547 base - 69000 board. Same as dx959 mobile *No receive audio **If I press the GNF (galaxy noise filter) the receive audio then works. Smh Receiving signal fine PA audio works Talkback audio works TX audio works
  4. K

    Which big black base should I get?

    It's been a long time since I used my radio equipment but I'm trying to start up again. I'm wanting to get a big black base but there's plenty of choices and I want to get the right one. Rci ,Galaxy, Saturn, seem to be the ones I've been running across here and there. Few of them have...
  5. ChrisDel157

    Galaxy Saturn Power Transformer

    Sorry if this seems out of place, does anyone know the output of the transformer on the Galaxy Saturn (non turbo) or a good replacement? The EPT number on top of it gets me nowhere.
  6. CbRadiosPRONTO

    Galaxy DX-99V2 Key Up Issues - key up and no key up

    I’ve recently had 3 99v2 radios keying up when they shouldn’t. Normally, it’s an issue of two legs on the mic board shorting. Recently, however, it has been an issue of the echo board pinching one of the wires that is soldered to the Band knob pot. These echo boards don’t have enough space and...
  7. ButtFuzz

    CB Radio Blowout Sale! Superstar 121 / Galaxy Uranus! ButtFuzz says "sell 'em!"

    $100 Gets the following shipped to your door, CONUS, via USPS Priority Mail: Superstar 121 cleverly disguised as a Galaxy Uranus. AM/FM 26.515-27.855 Essentially, Ranger's version of a Cobra 29. New S/RF meter and bulb. Added chrome knobs for that 29 look and feel. Mod has been turned up a...
  8. ButtFuzz

    CB Radio Blowout Sale! Voyage VR-9000 ButtFuzz says "sell 'em!"

    $125 Gets the following shipped to your door, CONUS, via USPS Priority Mail: Voyage VR9000 Export CB Radio Cleverly Disguised As A Galaxy Pluto Same as Dirland DSS-9000 and countless other Galaxy clones. 1 segment of last LED in FC display bad, as shown in pics. New S/RF meter and bulb...
  9. ButtFuzz

    CB Radio Blowout Sale! Cobra 148 GTL ButtFuzz says "sell 'em!"

    $150 Gets the following shipped to your door, CONUS, via USPS Priority Mail: Unmolested except for the new meter. 1st generation Taiwan (PRE-Philly) Cobra 148 GTL 5 Pin Side Mic The faceplate has been cleaned up after the 2nd pic. Comes with mounting bracket, knobs, stock mic and power...
  10. ButtFuzz

    CB Radio Blowout Sale! Mirage 88 ButtFuzz says "sell 'em!"

    $150 Gets the following shipped to your door, CONUS, via USPS Priority Mail: 1st Generation Mirage 88 cleverly disguised as a Yaesu FT-410. This is the "Hi-Band" model, meaning it covers the great majority of 10M Phone and FM, too. 26.065-29.655 Comes with mounting bracket, knobs, stock...
  11. CbRadiosPRONTO

    DX-99v2 - 690011D board - Same as DX-959 — No AM receive

    No AM Receive No FM receive USB and LSB receive works fine TX works on all modes Everything else works PA Works New radio. Didn’t notice issue til after frequency alignment and open clarified mod. Reverted back to stock. Rechecked work.
  12. Plumber-G

    Crystal off Frequency

    Hello Aligning my Galaxy 2547 and found the X1 Crystal off by 4Khz manual says 20hz?? Having problems finding replacements any sugestions? Thanks Plumber-G