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New Yaesu Ft-991 HF/VHF/UHF Base & Mobile Rig


Staff member
Apr 14, 2002
Yaesu has announced the new all band FT-991 compact rig for base and mobile use that will replace the FT-897D. In addition to the standard modes, it will also support Yaesu's C4FM Digital mode. With the absence of a true mobile HF rig from Icom's lineup, the new FT-991 could become a major player in the ham market, if for no other reason than its form factor.

Here are a few pics from the 2014 Tokyo Ham Fair:

Here is the press release:

We are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new product, The FT-991 HF/50MHz/VHF/UHF Base Station Transceiver. The Yaesu FT-991 Transceiver is capable of operating SSB, CW, AM, FM, Packet and System Fusion C4FMDigital. The legendary tradition of Yaesu design is a legacy of excellence established decades ago, providing quality, stability and durability. The Yaesu FT-991 is designed for the most competitive operating situations, with a suite of new features to’enhance the experience. Whether you primarily operate at home, mobile or in the field, the FT-991 will provide outstanding fundamental performance and an inviting expansion into a full featured base station.

Please refer below for more information on the features of the new FT-991. We will release the new FT-991 at the Tokyo HAM FAIR in 2014.

Radio Features;
  • 160 Meters through 70 Centimeters – SSB/CW/FM/C4FM Digital/AM/RTTY/PSK
  • 100 Watts (2 Meter / 70 Centimeter: 50 Watts) of Solid Performance
  • 3.5 inch TFT Full-Color Touch Panel Operation for Superior Operability and Visibility
  • High Speed Spectrum Scope with ASC (Automatic Spectrum-Scope Control) built-in
  • Roofing Filter 3 kHz and 15 kHz
  • High Accuracy TCXO ±0.5 ppm and high resolution DDS and PLL local oscillator
  • 32-bit High Speed Floating Point IF DSP
  • IF WIDTH and IF SHIFT provides great QRM Rejection
  • CONTOUR, DNR, IF Notch and APF (Audio Peak Filter, CW only)
  • 160 – 6 Meters High Speed Automatic Antenna Tuner included


Sr. Member
Jul 28, 2013
Nice looking radio, curious as to what the price will be as well! Looks the part anyway.


W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
Aug 19, 2010
Interesting looking, surprised they didn't have it ready for Dayton.


Well-Known Member
Apr 19, 2010

It would seem like the nearest competitor would be the Icom 7100.


W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member
Jan 19, 2013
Chicago, IL
Although a nice looking radio and I am sure it will work great I don't like the display. There is too much information on the display to be useful in the car.


Sr. Member
Nov 22, 2011
Looking at it again... it has the Fusion analog/digital FM system, digital packet, GPS, etc. I'm going to up my price estimate to put it closer to two grand. Looking for more information and came across a blog, only to be reminded the translators still "ain't all that". I'm really not sure what dirty shirt juice is. :laugh:


That is why, if you eat just curry udon
汁が飛び散ってシャツを汚してへこんでるジャイアンです。 It is a Giant, which is dented and dirty shirt juice is splattered.
さて、FT-991の参考出品、見てから一目惚れですねぇー Well, Ne~e that it is love at first sight reference exhibit of FT-991, from watching
ただ、型式がFTdx-991とかFTM-991じゃない However, the model is not a FTM-991 Toka FTdx-991
普通のFT型式なのでFT-897とかFT-450のライン Line of the FT-450 Toka FT-897 because it is usually the type of FT
なんでしょうきっと。 What would kit.
スペックは発表になっていますが、細かい機能は Spec has become the announcement, but the fine function
発表になっていないのかな・・ · I wonder if not in the announcement
ディスプレイに衛星のマークがあるからなにがしかの Or Nanigashi because there is mark of the satellite to display
GPS対応なのかとか、背面にRJ-45のLAN端子が Toka whether the GPS-enabled, the LAN terminal of the RJ-45 on the back
あるので、PCでリモコンとかいろいろ考えて Since there, thinking all sorts remote control PC
しまいますが、今後の動きが楽しみです。 It will get, but the movement of the future I look forward to.
ATUが内蔵というのは嬉しいですね、やはり移動運用とか ATU is that the built-in I am happy, Toka move operation again
モービルに特化した無線機なんでしょうね And I guess a radio that specializes in Mobile
どうやらパネルはセパレートにはならないのは残念ですが Not be a separate but it is a pity panel apparently
何がしかのコントローラーが接続できれば良いかもです。 It may be what if the connection is controller of deer.
FTM-400のパネルが接続できるとかそんな設定が Is such a setting panel of FTM-400 is able to connect Toka
あったら喜びますけどね・・ · Although I will joy if available
価格は本体15万円以下、いろいろオプション入れても ¥ 150,000 or less body, the price also put various options
20万円以下で買えるといいなー I hope you buy 200,000 yen or less
マイク/キーがBTで接続できパソコンともLANで接続 Connected by a LAN with a PC can be connected at the BT microphone / key


Sr. Member
Nov 22, 2011
I saw on YO9IRF's site that the UHF/VHF connector is actually a type "N" and not an SO-239. Also they believe the price to be just over 1,000 bucks. Nice to see a bigger screen on their mobiles, for sure.



Supporting Member, W9WDX ARC Member - WD8T
Nov 3, 2009
West Central Michigan
You might want to sit down Brett....lol

The rig should be available for shipping in about two weeks. MSRP is $1800!! Selling on the street for $1699.00+- a few bucks. With the FT-1200DX down to $1199.00 I may have to re-think buying the FT-991 since I was going to use it as a base radio.
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Help Users
  • @ ButtFuzz:
    on the connector with the green wire, if you short that to a nearby black wire, the power supply will turn on. (for use as a bench supply or whatever)
  • @ ButtFuzz:
    And IIRC, the purple wire is -12VDC, but that is from memory and it does not serve.
  • @ ButtFuzz:
    So if you need, say, 7v, connect + to the Yellow wire and - to the Red wire.
  • @ ButtFuzz:
    or or you need 9v connect + to the yellow wire and - to the orange wire. note: not all PSU's have the orange wire nowadays, as many manufactures had the voltage regulation on the motherboard, and all the power supply gives is 12 vdc
  • @ BJ radionut:
    Thanks ROB will check it out!~!! got to clean the work bench a little make room for that big case :)