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No more free ham ticket?


Well-Known Member
Dec 25, 2010
Sydney, Australia
It's $55 Australian pesos down here. And the ACMA (our FCC) send a letter a few weeks before the actual renewal letter , just letting you know they will be sending the renewal letter......
Nothing like an excuse for keeping another useless public servant in a job.
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Jan 28, 2008
The Netherlands
If 50 bucks and 14 bucks scares you off for getting the license but are fully prepared to spend 1000's on radio(s) and antenna's etc then i don't see why you should become a ham anyway.
I paid most of the 43 years up to 50 Euro's for renewing the license , other details i can do on line free.
We had just a few years they didn't need our money but that went away fast...


W9WDX Amateur Radio Member, KW4YJ EXTRA class
May 1, 2013
Louisville, KY
I was riding my motorcycle and the wife was following in her KIA SOUL. Even though I could clearly see her face from about 100 feet the radio was useless in the countryside. She could not hear me and I could not hear her. These were quality radios and cost over $140.00. It might work in LA and are those real miles or "MOVIE" miles.(Joking) There was one repeater here in Louisville, KY and the owner took it down after two years of no traffic. My radio installations are clean and clear as far as noise is concerned so it wasn't anything related to that. We returned those radios and got two of the same brand and model and it was no better. They claimed to have a range of 150 miles to which I have to call false advertising. We went to a parking lot out in the country and it was no better.
Two meter radio far better and can reach a long way and there are plenty of repeaters.

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