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Spring Contest 2019 CB Contest Rules

To be honest, i just hope i dont get skunked. I dont think i have ever heard anyone on here. But it wont be for lack of trying!
I am hoping for good conditions. Last year on Memorial day weekend, I was able to talk to just about every state east of the Mississippi. Of course I was not in QRP mode either. Our best chance is to use the chat room here to see what channels people are trying on at that time.

CQ, CQ, CQ Contest..... Whiskey, Delta, Xray, Two, Three, Four, Zero.. Standing By!
Yeah, i have to do a church thing with my sister tomorrow, theres a big hill over there, i guess 2000 ft in elevation. Ive always wanted to try a little dx up there. I think the a99 might be a nice touch
Marine Mobile:

I did some digging in my garage last night and found the 1/2 wave Shakespeare 176-1 marine "Big Stick" I bought for another boat back in 1996. It is still good. The connectors got a good cleaning with Q-tips dipped in tuner cleaner. This is going to test the rail mount on my 19' open fisherman to the fullest - all for this week-end's contest. My Cherokee AH100 is performing optimally, too. Let's see if Mother Nature cooperates.

WDX 404 in the Florida Keys.
Date/Time: 0001 25 May – 2359 27May2019 UTC. So this goes from Saturday 12:01 am may 25 untill Monday 11:59 pm may 27? Is that right?
Well, my Saturday starts at around 0400 Central. From Sweetwater, TX to FTW, TX on IH20. Drop one and hook another. Then on a NE diagonal to Paris and on into Valliant, OK. Then an identical return to the northern edge of FTW. And a pair of days off. Been gone since the 7th.

Granted, I’ll be on 19. Fighting the crosswinds. No SSB radio in truck at present.

Skip has been pretty good lately. Some guy out of San Diego and then the ever-present moron from Tampa. That’s with my running the IH64/71 roller coaster thru West-by-God Virginia down to Charlotte, NC via 35 out of Dayton, OH. Thence down IH85 to Atlanta and IH20 the rest of the thousand miles back to FTW.

Got stuck with a short load to Ohhh-dessa, TX. Armpit and asswipe Permian Basin Third World trucking.

Touch nothing, expect nothing to work, and remember to be polite to incompetents. Brave New World.

Start early with your yakking, Bobby. Amp or no amp. I’m actually at Trent in the rest area just west of Abilene for the night. Riverman, I’ll cross over the The River of the Arms of God &US-281 after 0600.

Never used a CB handle but have been cursed numerous times for being a, “&#%^ slow mover at mile marker 386”.
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Unreal noise on 19. Heard western Tennessee the whole way from Fort Worth to Gainesville on the outbound leg (“Exit 87 BBQ”). From then until the late return to FTW were a few irritating base stations.

I swapped out the truck stop coax connectors with AMPHENOL. HA! Not the day it’d matter.

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  • @ BJ radionut:
    Listening 50.145 USB Beaming YOU Crawdad :coffee: :ROFLMAO:
  • @ BJ radionut:
    Moved to 50.125
  • @ Crawdad:
    Just home BJ, had to miss this morning's 6m extravaganza.....
  • @ BJ radionut:
    It was a little flat...Sigs were there to work.....Had to wait for the "wave" to crest...then pounce! :LOL: :ROFLMAO: The 2m guys on EAST COAST TROPO this morning...op's were leaving 6m and working 2m SSB because it was wide open (100m-800m range) ...Even seen reports op's working 200+ miles on FM SIMPLEX(50w and a Stick) also. So interesting day so far(y)
  • @ BJ radionut:
    Band will open next 60m ??? I think it will happen :giggle: How open that is the ?????:giggle:(y)