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texas star 400

What starts to smoke? Can you post pic with the lid off.
It sounds like it is taking off when you key up, unstable.
What component in the amp is letting out the smoke, that tells a tale.

Ok the way i had it to work was if the am and ssb buttons are pushed in at the same time if i push am only it sticks..
I wouldn't operate it if you know it is smoking - or else it might have a complete failure. The output looks OK, so the finalss should be OK. Sounds like you are over-driving the amp. BTW, you aren't using a Cobra 29 if you are going to sideband; so I suspect you are over-driving the amp!

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  • @ Charles Edwards:
    I'm looking for factory settings 1 through 59 for a AT 5555 n2 or AT500 M2 I only wrote down half the values feel like a idiot I need help will be appreciated
  • @ Wildcat27:
    Hello I have a old school 2950 receives great on all modes and transmits great on AM but no transmit on SSB. Does anyone have any idea?