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Who has been here longest?

I started out on the old EEI forum when David Pace and Charger383 worked there. I left that one and came here when this one started. Wonder what ever happened to them?
Yea, I remember I joined radiotech and this place at the same time. I had about a year at radiotech before mack banned me. That was long before Dave's fall. I just liked chatting with Buzzbros--pm me if anyone know about that guy. I'm just curious.

Too bad I forgot my account ID/password here and had to make a new one.
QRN said:
skeeterman said:
What happened to "Dealer", the contest king from Dallas in 2002?
Also "Hook", another old timer?

I see "Hook" aka Mike over at qrz.com now and then.

Thanks for that info. I will try to "HOOK" up with him sometime soon. I bought some equiptment from him several years ago. I drove about 150 miles to pick it up and shake hands.
Man,that was along time ago wasn't it? I also split from the EEI forum when Deano started the original WWRF site.I joined
his forum,but kinda procrastinated awhile joining the DX club!
Been a CDX Club member since 4/29/2002(so the certificate says anyways).Never won a contest either.Just had a boatload
of fun trying tho :) I'm looking forward to another peak cycle so we can get back to the fun (DX'IN) we used to have here.
I wonder whatever happened to ol Deano? Hope all is well w'him.I know there were some "rumours" 'bout some peoples dealings w/him and such,but I was never involved or mistreated
in any way by Dean.But,that's another story,another time!
Sorry for babbling on here everyone.Sure brought back some good memories tho!!!!!
Slim CDX285(proudly) :D
skeeterman said:
What happened to "Dealer", the contest king from Dallas in 2002?
Also "Hook", another old timer?

Hello my Friend,
I am still alive and kicking, however not to high :LOL:

Since my forced retirement I have been working at
keeping my computer business afloat, and working a 40 hr. wk partime :shock: at Wal-Mart in the Tire Lube Express Dept...

The North Texas Portable was hit in May this year and my
2950DX was taken and damage to the dash :( Damn Thiefs
however my 2 amps were not damaged, thank God for that.

Join date on Certificate is 02/16/2002 and as I recall was the
6th member to have joined DX Club.. Forum join date was Sept.1st. 2001

Yes I have won a few contest along the way :p
and have missed being here with you guys.

I needed a break, and rethink what cards were being dealt
to the dealer.

You guys are the best and hope to get back into the game
real soon.

Best Regards,

John Lee...aka The Dealer CDX211
(the original 211)
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Dealer! Great to hear from you. I sure miss the old days, when you were kickin in NE Texas.
Hope all is well with you, and look forward to hearing you again.
I enjoyed making contacts with both Dealer and Skeeterman. Two of the only contacts that I could count on every contest. Except for the other guys in PA. :D
Hey guys........I don't seem to have my Cert handy.....Moved a few times since getting my CDX numbers, but I do know it was in 2002 sometime.........I've won a 2 or 3 contests back then and sure did have fun with the group......73's all :D
I also came over from the EEI forum somewhere between 01 and 02. Glad to see your ok, Dealer and sorry to hear about the 2950DX and the damage that the low life/s caused. 73's.....Pluto.

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