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Recent content by Doc Feelgood

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    Any interest in a new forum section...

    Yes, may draw some new blood to the site, and even radio.
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    Aligning - Tuning Yaesu 101E

    Have you checked the bandswitch itself?
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    Yaesu 101E Finals

    First of all I would keep the AM carrier at 25 or below, SSB on a good working 101x should be 100-180 or so, 150-165 is about average on a suitable accurate meter. definitely something not right on that radio, and proper neutralization is critical to both performance, and longevity of the...
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    Boatanchor Sale RX/TX's

    Any Rangers?
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    Browning Golden Eagle: MK3 vs MK4!

    I have an old Polycomm Pro, and a Utica TC3 with the key. I have a few of the obscure old rigs lying around, to bad no one to talk to on the things :sad:
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    Browning Golden Eagle: MK3 vs MK4!

    Sorry, think you've got your wires crossed a bit, The D300, and D80 Were both Uniden chassis Trams. Browning Sported the Baron.
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    Ad Placement Annoying

    LOL your funny, your interpretation is amusing, I wouldn't dream of ignoring someone who makes me chuckle as much as you do 73 :thumbup:
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    Ad Placement Annoying

    what should transpire, is YOU should just ignore my posts, If YOU are so Anal about spelling, typos, and grammar. I'm NOT going to worry about it, so reading my future posts may be detrimental to your well being. In simple terms, Don't like the way I write my posts, ignore them. This is a...
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    Ad Placement Annoying

    Why yes, Firefox does have that capability, however Firebox is an actual word, in case you didn't know spell checks only alert you to misspellings.
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    Ad Placement Annoying

    How bout an OBVIOUS Typo.... for those with a lack of deductive reasoning FireFox web browser.
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    Ad Placement Annoying

    Same thing can be accomplished by using Firebox, and no script. with the added benefit of blocking the trash from other sites as well.
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    Golden Eagle Radios.Com

    He has been around for quite some time, first dealt with him on Ebay, maybe 12 years ago, had no issues, though it was not repairs. My question to you, have you contacted him with your concerns? The problems you describe should not be happening, a person competent with the repair of old...
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    You make that sound dirty :lol:
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    New not so proud owner of an IC-7000

    You should post your experience on qrz, may save someone from a poor experience in the future.
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    Grant XL Clarifier Question

    I don't see anything in the original post to make me assume any kind of "Super Diode" has been installed, or that he wants it returned to "STOCK" with that considered I think first re-installing the original control would be a good place to start. If indeed you do want to reverse the procedure...