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Recent content by jesse everett

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    digital meters

    anyone have input on any of the digital meters ,opinions??
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    better radio

    well i changed my mind ,found a like new ftdx 3000 at a good price,i like it so far
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    better radio

    what are the opinions on the ft 1000 and ft 2000 ?
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    ft 991a if out interface board

    has anyone had experience with the tsp i-face-2 if out board. it would be on my ft991a
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    FT-991 MARS mod?

    i redid the jumper on jp3 and it is working fine.
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    ft 991a if out

    i posted this in the swap area,so lets go in the right place ......is there a way to get" if "out of the 8 or 6 pin connectors on the back of the radio,i want to use a sdplay rsp1a with out using a mfj1708b unit.or any ideas to do this another way??
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    FT-991 MARS mod?

    i have done a lot of searching on this mod,i have seen the mars mod done by jumping #3 or#5.the board shown may be a japan or eu. version,it shows jumper #1 and #2 bridged. i have seen this as a way to open up uhf and vhf.do your own research on utube or or internet before trying this .as...
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    ft 991a vs ic 7300

    looking for opinions on weak siginal reception on the ft 991a and the ic 7300 .which radio will get the really weak dx siginal .with the same antenna.?
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    Proof that hams are allowed to use CB amps

    the problem is you did not describe it properly,any electronic item needs to be listed as not working -parts only-no returns -no exchanges -no refunds - no complaints .as a long time ebay user i see there are herds of crooks scamers .parts changers. who will cheat you .list it as above .and...
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    the imax is no more the new and better one is the max 2000.i have one and it works well.it is rated 5000 watts and is said to have fixed the older models problems,due to poor quality control
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    unknown icon ts 570dg

    ok thanks for the info.
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    unknown icon ts 570dg

    on my ts 570 dg i have an icon on the screen that i cannot find in the manual. it is like a small spoked wheel it is located just to the right and a little below the swr meter,anyone know what it is??
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    Icom 718- ALC modification for AM possible?

    I would expect a ham snob answer like this on one of the ham snob forums ,but not on this site.sad!
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    ts 570dg

    got the ts 570dg it looks and works like new ,i have been using it for a week or so and it is a very good radio ,but lots to learn about it .so far i am very pleased with it.