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    SDR as first HF transceiver?

    My 2 cents ... I would start out with a good traditional HF radio. Instead of relying on a waterfall display to tell you what bands are best, I think it's very important to develop some basic radio skills, like tuning across the bands and finding a strong signal then looking up the call in...
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    ICOM 718 $70 Coupon

    ICOM 718 coupon Exactly why I bought mine a month ago. I got a few extrea discounts out of HRO (military and government) and got mine with tax for $599. Much better than paying $4-500 at a ham fest for somebodies problem. I like old boat anchor tube gear as well but you can get that stuff cheap!
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    The old FCC issued cb call signs

    Old FCC callsigns Glad you all decided to jump on my case. I was just relaying what I was told by a now SK who went through the training back in the day. The part I told about having to get the form before you could buy the radio is 100% true. I know because I lived it. I went to the local...
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    Mobil install..Coax length??

    Technically it "could" make a difference due to the velocity factor, coax quality, etc. However it is so insiginificant that it could best be measured in a lab under controlled conditions, not in a mobile application especially in the HF range. Use the length that fits and tune the antenna for...
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    new antenna coily whip Ch-1= 3.0 swr ch-40=2.5 swr

    New Antenna Coily Whip The K0BG site is a great reference. He drives the same (or did) vehicle as mine which presents particularly difficult antenna mounting issues. Looking at your pix I also see an amp? Don't know how you have done your testing but I would take the amp out of line and...
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    Free RF choke's ?

    Free RF Chokes I don't see where they could hurt. I have a box full myself and I think I need to check them out.
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    FCC taking comments for HOA Restrictions For Emergency Communications

    I lived in Vegas for a year and the "gated Gestapo" was way out of hand there!
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    Have you ever had a RANGER Radio Pulled from E Bay?

    Flea Bay did the same thing to a 10 meter linear amplifier I tried to sell. They pilled it because, in some Flea Bay hacks opinion it could be modded to work on the CB bands. No sh*t Sherlock! If you are determined enough you can mod a old VCR to transmit. Put it on Craigs list and sold it to...
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    CB License

    KGE-8997. Had to pay 20 or 25$, fill out an FCC form, then mail it to the FCC and wait. Once the license came back, then the store would sell you a radio. Man those were the days!
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    The old FCC issued cb call signs

    Old FCC issued CB callsigns Mine was KGE-8997 and my handle was "Shark" because I used to do a lot of shark fishing. Enough of my story, let me relate what I was told by a very old CBer (SK) some years back. When CB was first started, it was as an emergency network to back up civil defense back...
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    Club Member Roster

    Updated Roster Nice job! Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.:tt1: 73
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    Hello! I have a question or three...

    One of the best restricted antennas I had was the wood privacy fence around a town house I rented. Went to WALdoMArt and picked up 50 ft of that clear vinyl coated speaker wire and made a dipole for 40. Stapled it along the top of the fence in the back yard and no one was the wiser.
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    Hamfest Depression

    Agreed! That's why I gave up on buying gear at hamfests and went new.
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    Hamfest Depression

    I find that most of the stuff at local meets are overpriced junk. Example: Went to a good sized one down in Richmond back in Feb. Guy had the old 3 meter radio shack power/swr/mod. wbox. Cracked plastic and the Mod/RF switch completely pushed inside the case. $35 for the piece of crap and was...
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    Radio Frequency Interference to Amateur Radio Bands

    RFI Get one of those manon the street guys to come check out your situation. Or go to the public access channels and get one of them to do alocal spot. I know from experience that the public utilities, HOA's taht are out of control watch for this stuff on public access. Makes them look bad.