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Recent content by knight patrol 60

  1. knight patrol 60

    rotor control ..remote

    i am looking to run my rotor in line with win4icom software , is there software available [preferably free]..dont want HRD , dont need it just for rotor control ..if possibly using only for that purpose
  2. knight patrol 60

    Is this an original PDL II?

    wasnt aware of a pdl 1 ..done the greg howe upgrades on mine..superb antenna for its footprint ..currently on a pdl4 build [any feedback on pdl 4 owners please] ..
  3. knight patrol 60

    icom 7300 /md200 ? advice please

    thanks for replys ..I am looking for personal experiences with the change out of the "electret" element in the "MD200" YAESU MIC ..ive been through eham ..which is primarily my go to source of info ..when you cant find the info you want/need then here is the place to come ..type can be taken out...
  4. knight patrol 60

    icom 7300 /md200 ? advice please

    i am only interested in answers to the md200..enjoy your icm …
  5. knight patrol 60

    icom 7300 /md200 ? advice please

    yes sir ..ave read the heil stuff..am lookin for genuine user experiences with electret and md200..thanks for reply
  6. knight patrol 60

    icom 7300 /md200 ? advice please

    I am thinking about adding the "extra element " in the MD200 yaesu mic ..the radio is the 7300 icom ..ordered some electret condensers , Panasonic 61a and another quality one .. looking for anyone who runs such a mic with electret mod done to md 200 ...do I need to be wary of the power from mic...
  7. knight patrol 60

    Dentron 2500B Question

    yes indeed chris ..was a very happy dude to see over the 1k on your lp100 pal ..you did a very good job on the harbrach soft start ..will be picking that amp on my return to beautiful bc ..found 3 more 8875s over here ..haven't tested them yet ..fingers crossed ..73 pal
  8. knight patrol 60

    M-216 BIG DADDY Antenna

    Marconi ...do you have the original pdf for the big daddy ? ..got a guy looking for the build sizes as he has the N O S AS big daddy but no manual ..
  9. knight patrol 60

    out with the old ..in with the ..

    been looking at something with build quality as nowadays everything you buy is mass produced with quantity rather than quality been the norm , mr coilys enforcer , interceptor 10 , and BMTs Shockwave being main contenders ...the old is my trusty Avanti sigma 4 ..a very good antenna in its day...
  10. knight patrol 60

    avanti sigma 4 ...broadbanded ?

    thanks Marconi ..was just a general question really ..it does ok with atu within radio and good on 28.400ish ..I did read that some guys had messed about with the salute 27 version ...the Avanti and Antenna Specialist S4s are fine doin what they where made for ...always nice to see guy pushing...
  11. knight patrol 60

    avanti sigma 4 ...broadbanded ?

    just wondering if any you guy ever tuned your sigma 4 for any bands lower than 11mtrs ..without adding ant length to it ? ..thanks
  12. knight patrol 60


    I don't have any missed calls sir ..when did you call ?
  13. knight patrol 60

    ft 990 ....help /advice

    it seem more probs on the yaesu have appeared ..the radio has a tone when I switch on /power up ..does the cpu and hard reset ..tx light does come on ..there is static but tone is overpowering anything else ....boat anchor mabee ..? ..its a beautiful big radio ..!!
  14. knight patrol 60

    ft 990 ....help /advice

    thanks sir ...got a manual ..so gonna address the cpu reset first and then bat backup ...your reply is very welcome sir .. billy
  15. knight patrol 60

    quads ..rf choke ? ..help please ..

    looking at fair rite website ..the quad is a simple 27 500 tuned antenna ..do I want air wound and or just ferrite clamps sir .. a link for what I need would save me a lot of questions ..thanks for you help ..KP160