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  1. loner556

    Arduino projects?

    C2, I may take you up on that once I get back to it. I had the same problem about a year ago interfacing a TT3 APRS module to the Wouxun. It wouldn't unkey. I've got a few ideas on how to tackle it but need to get some bench time and do some testing. I'm thinking it's going to take some...
  2. loner556

    Arduino projects?

    I'm working on a Arduino fox hunt transmitter to interface with a Wouxun but I'm having an issue with it not unkeying until it times out. The PTT is quirkey on the Wouxun and hangs up. I haven't worked on it in a few weeks. I lost focus when my T-kit 1253 arrived. Will probably have that...
  3. loner556

    How can hams meet single YL's on the air?

    :laugh: He may get more than what he's looking for...
  4. loner556

    MFJ-1432 High SWR

    OK, finally got some time tonight to mess with it. I adjusted the top end with no results. I originally had it on a Opek NMO 8. The MFJ antenna came with an NMO to so-239 adapter. The MFJ adapter had a longer throat on the 239 side so I gave it a shot. Long story short, I've got the...
  5. loner556

    MFJ-1432 High SWR

    It was high on both bands. When I saw the readings in the red on both bands my mind went into figuring out what the heck is wrong mode :cursing: and I didn't retain the exact readings. I went back and looked at the meter as I knew about where the needle was pegging. I'm bad about things like...
  6. loner556

    MFJ-1432 High SWR

    I've been running a Comet 2x4 SR for about a year now on my mobile rig. I was at the local shop today at lunch and picked up a MFJ-1432 on a whim. I ran it this afternoon and it seemed to perform satisfactory. Pulled in the driveway tonight and hooked up the SWR meter and I'm reading 4:1...
  7. loner556

    radio mount idea, Mil 1913 picatinny rail for mobile radios

    Don't be attaching any surefire's to your radios... Were you thinking about using a throw lever on the radio and a rail on the mount point in the vehicle?
  8. loner556

    Wait till Dayton or Buy D710 now

    I actually searched a few weeks back to see if there was any indication that Kenwood would be putting out a replacement for the TM-D710 after seeing Yaesu's new APRS rig. I couldn't find any indicators that there was anything in the works to replace the 710. I was on the fence between a 710...
  9. loner556

    MFJ-5393MK PTT Switch

    Moleculo, Thanks for the comment. I finally got some iron time last night and this one was on the list. Tested with the headset. Works great. PTT housing was printed on the 3D printer. The switch is a Radio Shack NO momentary push button (one from the 4 pack). The cord strain relief is...
  10. loner556

    MFJ-5393MK PTT Switch

    I've got an MFJ-393MK headset with the MFJ-5393MK 8P modular adaptor for the TM-D710. The adaptor requires a PTT switch via a 1/4" Audio mono plug (2 pin). The 5393MK didn't come with any schematics. For the PTT switch, do I just wire a normaly open switch that closes the two pins on the...
  11. loner556

    One programing file for mobiles and HTs

    For what it's worth, the Kenwood MCP series sofware has a function that allows you to export the programed memories from the HT software and load it into the mobile software and vice versa. I've done this between MCP-4a (HT)and MCP-2a (mobile). I've heard good things about the RT Systems...
  12. loner556

    Kenwood TH-D72 iGPS ERROR

    Firmware V 1.03 is now available. V1.03 HERE There is something on iGPS but not for an error. Might be worth a shot before taking it in. There's an upgrade to the memory control program there too. Hello everyone...