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Recent content by Se7en

  1. Se7en

    damn i sure do miss using tapatalk for this forum

    OK dude. Trying out via mobile as I type this. I notice the page bounces up and down when I type...I guess it can't make up its mind to go to top of page or back where you type the reply. BTW Chinese is bad news for the bowels!!!!!! Especially if its like panda express lol
  2. Se7en

    damn i sure do miss using tapatalk for this forum

    never get around to making here anymore due to no easy way of accessing the website. i am just stubborn MEH!
  3. Se7en

    WTB YAESU VX1r or VX2r

    looking for either radio, doesn't need accessories LET ME KNOW VIA PM
  4. Se7en

    0 Ohm resistor

  5. Se7en

    New Forum Sucks

    Its very slow loading on a t3 connection
  6. Se7en

    F/S or F/T Baofeng uv-5r kit

    Still available
  7. Se7en

    F/S or F/T Baofeng uv-5r kit

  8. Se7en


    haha, took me a minute to find me threads. this one is funny!
  9. Se7en

    New Forum Sucks

    will there be tapatalk support?
  10. Se7en


    So when will we get to use Tapatalk again?
  11. Se7en

    Heart issues :|

    Things are going alright, thanks. Just been adjusting to the new med. I have blood, thyroid, another ECG and some other tests being done Wednesday.(y)
  12. Se7en

    Prefered Radio for SSB

    Don't tell em your on cb. And as for SSB on HF a IC-7000!