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  1. AndrewGS

    Looking for a new base amp.....

    So I'm looking for a new 110V base amp that's biased (and filtered?), nets 1Kw-1.5Kw PEP on SSB and is of good build quality from good quality parts. I know there are a few commercial choices out there and I'm leaning towards Carl Built, but what are some other good options? I'm looking to spend...
  2. Buzzard78945

    Amplifier HELP!

    These 4 amps for sale very cheap in my area... let me know any information and prices y’all have... thanks a million!
  3. K

    Question about amp??

    im not real familiar with amps so I’m turning to y’all. I have a galaxy 98 does about 265-300 depends on who tests it. What would be a good size amp to pair it with to use it as driver?
  4. 530

    Amplifier recommendations.

    Looking for a new amp for the mobile. Looking for suggestions for a straight 6 or 8 transistor amp for 11 meters.
  5. Slowmover

    MOBILE INSTALL: 579 Peterbilt

    This is the critter. First, some basic data. A stock photo. The “EPIQ” Package is increased fuel efficiency. Separate Unibuilt sleeper, single occupancy. 450-HP/1850TQ with an Eaton Automated Manual 10-speed. The fleet truck I’m in has upgraded interior and also features battery-powered...