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CB Radio Blowout Sale! Superstar 121 / Galaxy Uranus! ButtFuzz says "sell 'em!"


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Aug 11, 2005
Sunny Salem, VA
$100 Gets the following shipped to your door, CONUS, via USPS Priority Mail:

Superstar 121 cleverly disguised as a Galaxy Uranus.
AM/FM 26.515-27.855
Essentially, Ranger's version of a Cobra 29.
New S/RF meter and bulb.
Added chrome knobs for that 29 look and feel.
Mod has been turned up a hair.
This radio works well and is properly aligned.

Looked like this when received:

LEENYER not included. You can always peel the decal off the faceplate if you'd like.

Comes with mounting bracket, knobs, stock mic (or newer SuperStar equivalent) and power cable.

Will consider trades.
Always looking for unmolested Uniden upd858 or MB8719 radios.

Thanks for your consideration.

Payment via PayPal.
Local pickup / CASH / Salem, VA always welcome.
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