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Anyone getting snow?


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Apr 6, 2005
Nor Cal Sierra Nevada
Out the window just now.


Not in the Texas panhandle.... I've lived here since I was a young lad, have never seen a winter this dry windy and warm. Last week was a blend of 80's with fires and haven't had moisture in over 70 days.

To sum it up, it's nasty as he'll here with folks dropping like flies to the rona.
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We have had snow since November here.
Warm day out today,, its -5 C (aprox 23 F ).
It has been - 20 C (-4 F) here a few times already this year.
I dont experience the cold this year,, crazy covid lock downs means there isnt any place to go anyway.
I am very south when compared to much of the West.
I saw the forecast for your area the other day Jeff and just chuckled. No snow here but hovering around the freezing mark all day. We had several inches a couple of weeks ago, but it has since disappeared. This has become the norm for us here now. At one time we would get snow in late November and it would stay on the ground until spring. Now we rarely have anything on the ground for christmas and anything we do get is usually quickly followed by rain before a quick freeze. I think we had enough to clear the yard out three or four times last winter. Usually anything under six inches I don't bother with as it settles and melts within a few days anyway.
Dave, have about 6 inches now, it started to warm up and I thought it was all going to melt but then more over nite.
It was a hell of a mess on deadwood yesterday even with chain controls.
And there were turons stopped in the middle of 140 putting chains on, don't even have enough brains to pull off the highway.

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snow? What's that?

Christmas Day in Dallas it was sunny and 81°!...A New all-time Christmas Day record!...same thing on the 26th too...81°...and looking at the forecast for the next 10 days, lows in the upper 60's, HI's in the upper 70's...

somehow or another tho, I bet we end up paying for it in February :whistle:
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