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Build me a Ham Shack

RR what I was saying was you may not hear anything but static when you fire off your base station depending on the conditions. You can talk to locals on your base but you could be talking to the locals now on your HT but don’t want to program it. A base radio is not going to be any different, you are still going to have to learn to use it. Good luck on your antennas, I live in a HOA neighborhood and we cannot have flagpoles. All my antennas are in the attic. Dipoles for HF and a Ed Fong j-pole for 2 meter, 1.25 and 440.
Seriously why would you buy this drifting, splattering poorly designed radio for $839 plus tune/conversion when you could have a nice IC-718! Hmmm $839.95 versus $524.95…that’s a no brained. Oh must be the value Echo and Roger Beep add.



Knock on wood I’ve never had to send a radio back for service…The times I have were well after the warranty expired…For me the answer is no but that’s like asking if I should get the extended warranty on car…which I did because of all the amenities.

Icom is a one year Warranty and the Platinum is 4 years.
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Cool, thank you. I usually don't get the extended warranty on products. But... maybe..., shoulda..., coulda..., nah not this time. This shack will be built one brick at a time. Thank you once more Night Thumper, and every other knowledgeable guy that has contributed here.

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  • @ BJ radionut:
    ARRL September VHF Contest: 1800Z, Sep 9 to 0300Z, Sep 11 :coffee: (y)
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    Funniest thing heard on the radio this weekend: "I don't have a roger beep, so I've got my dog's squeaky toy. <squeek!>"