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The CB Tricks info site has been down for the past 24 hours.
Hope that isn't a permanent thing; a great source for CB info.
the Cb tricks site is NO LONGER there for FREE. you have to make a one time donation in order to use the site

this is the only one thats legit the rest are scams and trogans
Yeah ‍♂️ is that cb-tricks a rip off? Just went there and you can’t click on any links. I’d pay $10/mo for Cbtricks.com if somebody would manage it.
Way back when the original cbtricks.com was going up and down like an elevator on speed, cb-tricks.com popped into existence. As far as anyone could tell at the time, the owner of the cb-tricks.com domain has nothing to do with "Benny" of cbtricks.com. They just mirrored the content and started charging for it, no doubt hoping to capture those unaware of the difference.

Also, there is a free mirror at cbtricks.org as someone posted above. And there is the info that has been mirrored on this site. You can subscribe to this site, doesn't cost a lot. I can't find any way to contact whoever is running cbtricks.org, so no way to route money to them.
The site's originator from the late 1990s is named Bennie.

He has become something of a recluse, never answering emails or phone calls. I remember reports of someone dropping by his home address 3 or 4 years ago and got no answer. My web site resided on his dedicated server for almost 15 years. When the site's hosting company went down. He had the grace to warn me that his co-lo server was about to go away. I moved my domains to a new host in time to avoid an outage. First the site's forum went down. Bennie said it was a corrupted file, and the backup failed to load properly. The main cbtricks site moved to a new host, but eventually went down and opportunists popped up. First, the crook with the signup fee came online. Even after DNS couldn't find the cbtricks domain I was able to access the original site from its IP address for a while, but that went away, too.

If I had to guess, I'd imagine that Bennie's personal life took a left turn away from supporting the site. He had consulted an expert who could untangle the forum's files and restore the forum, but that was the last I heard from him in any way.

He has ghosted me just like everyone else for a few years now. Just hope he's okay.

Even after DNS couldn't find the cbtricks domain I was able to access the original site from its IP address for a while, but that went away, too.
The last time the forums over there worked for me was Oct 16, 2017 when we were posting to a thread through the back door.
You sent me a PM and I could not reply.
Nothing worked on the forum after that, and the scalpers started showing up.

Around 10 years ago, you donate to cbtricks and they send 4 DVDs worth of info, practically an entire copy of whatever they had available on their server. I still have the DVDs if anyone wants a copy, but it is large, almost 15GB of files. Just have to figure out how to upload it. Not sure if that's allowed or not. Does anyone else remember these discs?

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  • @ Jim5570091:
    Antenna length on my mobile. So I’ve had 3 different radios in my truck. 2006 f250 super duty. 29ltd NW, 29 ltd clasic, and now a galaxy DX44HP. My steel whip is somewhere around 89”. Which I know is way to short. But show 1.2 SWR on all 3 radios. And I have a a bench SWR meter that shows the same results. Which I find odd and disturbing. Note the frequency is 27.205. The longer I make the whip the higher the SWR. At 102” it’s up around 2.5. Which totally blows any of my experience i have with mobile radio antennas. I have the antenna mounted to a post just higher than the cab. I’ve swapped the jump through several to different ones. Even tried lug and so239. Connections at the antenna. Seems to transmit well and receives well. Any ideas how this could be possible?
  • @ Jim5570091:
    Turns out I was missing the ground to the cab. Problem solved. Now have 102” exact and 1.2 SWR 26.005 megahertz through 28.005 megahertz. Pictures posted on my profile.
  • @ BJ radionut: