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Farthest 11 meter DX contact and equipment used?

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[ 226 ~ west Texas ] WDX - 226
Aug 20, 2022
From San Angelo, Texas to Queensland, Tasmania Australia. 8,790 miles. Using a Galaxy DX 2547, pushing 1 watt into a KL203P, making 100 + / - with a Solarcon a99, 50 feet to the tip. 37 LSB. And I have to give credit where credit is due, conditions were Great!!


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Nov 3, 2022
Yesterday I QSO'd with Gus, 35NB001. Each of us were operating mobile. Mine is the AT-6666, coax, and mobile antenna (don't know what brand). Rogers, AR to the Netherlands, 4643 miles. Not my farthest, but definitely a fun mobile DX contact.
27.395 LSB
Those Anytone 6666’s are great radios. That’s what I have in my mobile. I’m about 2 hours south of Houston and I make contacts in Australia on a weekly basis on 38 lsb. In my mobile with a at-6666, fatboy 4 pill with a 6 foot skip shooter on a workman triple magnet mount. Most of the time on side band I don’t run the amp. But if I’m having trouble getting to someone I’ll turn it on. Im not driving it to the fullest and I get voltage drop from the stock electrical in my car so I do about 380 watts rms and 700 pep with the amp. Just the radio 55 watts rms and 120 pep.

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