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My Little Shack New Shelf

No shack would be complete without the Western Electric Space Saver Telephone. This was the phone that my grandfather had in his shack, screwed to the table leg. It is still mounted to the original piece of wood that he used. My father says that he remembers it from when he was a child.

The kitchen phone quit working and I didn't want some cordless junk. Then I remembered this old phone in a box of radio parts that belonged to my grandfather. So I hooked it up and it still works! I had to teach the kids how to use the rotary dial. HAHA!

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Homer , nothing wrong w/that Shack ! I'm embarrassed to post pic's of mine ( under the stairs ) just wish I had the height you have .;) & Ralph Here's one for Ya' ! Did anyone ever notice the phone operator in " Hooterville , IE " Green Acres " is the same name as the one in Mayberry ? " Sarah " I watch these old shows daily ! Must say when I heard it , blew me away ! Hey It doesn't take much to amuse me ! :ROFLMAO: Stay Healthy & Safe ! 73 & God Bless ! Leo
That "Mount Pilot" that Andy & Barney are always referring to is actually Pilot Mountain...about 30-35 miles North of me up Highway 52

"Mayberry" is based on Mt. Airy NC which was Andy's home town. Mt. Airy is on up Highway 52 still heading North.

So as to stay somewhat on topic of thread...Mayberry Sheriff's Office radio shack. :whistle:

Hanging Rock is my favorite park in that area (y)

I thinking Pilot Mountain is popular with rock climbers?

Also an excellent MTB trail right outside that gate at hanging rock. “Moore’s Spring Trail” if I’m not mistaken.

"The Original Mr. Fix It Waving A Hand!" HAHA!

You’ll remember your baby girl every time you press the PTT.

Do it :D
Yup ! Ralph & I discussed the " Mayberry " thing a few weeks back in a PM . I just didn't know it was that close to him . :whistle: I'm just one of those people that finds a kind of " Solace ? " in the old B&W TV shows . I guess it brings me back to my younger years ? Also it makes me remember how hard my Dad use to laugh @ Barney Fife , especially the episode when Gomer was chasing him yelling " Citizens Arrest " ! :ROFLMAO: I thought my Dad was going to fall out of his chair ! Just memory's now , but it's my enjoyment . Stay Healthy & Safe ! 73 & God Bless ! Leo

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