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UFO'S, Abductions?



I was just wondering if anybody else has seen a ufo? Or have you had a close encounter? Late one night while driving a big rig on 23 south out of Columbus Oh, I think I saw one. I saw a meteor that curved. Recently while watching alien shows, I learned that meteors don't curve, only go in straight lines....

1981 , I have exact Time & Date logged but too lazy to go down to my shack & get it .:whistle::LOL: My friend & I sitting in front of the house on the Lake , Looked up Northern Sky , watched " Something " up high & Very Bright come in & sit there , it stayed in that spot about 30 seconds , moved right a little , stayed there about the same amount of time , then like a Flash , exit stage right ! Was it a UFO ? I know we saw something ? Till this day when a bring it up .... My wife say's " I'm Crazy " ! :ROFLMAO: I'll never forget what I saw , who knows what it was ? :confused:o_O Stay Healthy & Safe ! 73 & God Bless ! Leo
At the Old age of 17 just before I left home for Nam. Me and two older Buds wear driving In my 1964 G T O . We saw a Bright light in front of us on a old Dirt road! I dropped back because of the Dust it was making. When it went Over the side of the road . We stopped and got out and watched it hover a bout 5 min before it mover away at a fast pace! WE were Drinking beer And I was Sober when It went over the side of the road and just set their with bright lights shining down to the earth. Before you ask I an,t Crazy ! But may be I am I believe we are not Alone! Read your Bible About Giants Came down from Heaven and Married Mankind ! >Think about That<
In the early years of the Cold War, Soviet agents had been caught coming into the US from Canada and Mexico by using small aircraft.
The US gov't was getting people into volunteer programs (CAP; others) to spot all flights visually, since some flight could enter US airspace by going underneath the radar.
Hollywood had been making sci-fi films and horror films for the matinee audiences to sell tickets. Hollywood was called to get into the act by making sci-fi films for 'flying saucers' to add to their lineup of films. This made people interested in extraterrestrial beings.
Suddenly, people started calling in to the gov't and reporting sightings of anything they could see that didn't match up to scrutiny.
That filled their need for spotters.
IOW; you've been had !
. . . Sorry; but honesty is best.
Area 51 'rumors' are a part of that hoax.
Doesn't hurt to keep trying - tho !
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See what I mean ? If you mention it people think your " Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs " .:LOL: Did they have an Alien stashed in Area 51 ? I have a hard time believing that . But if you see something in the sky , you know it's not moving like an Asteroid & living rural w/ No Street lights being 66 years old Iv'e seen plenty , it's flying , you don't know what it is , too me anyways " It's an Unidentified Flying Object " . Abductions .... I got my Bag Packed & My Thumb Out but No Luck Yet ! :ROFLMAO: Not sure about that . Stay Healthy & Safe ! 73 & God Bless ! Leo

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