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Which CB Shops are still accepting mail-in repairs?


Recovering Crackerhead
Jul 10, 2011
Ok, what's wrong with Smokin Joe's? He seems to more legit then some other guys out there. Tap tap tap. Pay attention, anyone?

My shop of choice is Clay's Cb. He does great work and is close by.
Now as far as when my Magnum s45 needs attention it goes out to Chris at the Radio Shop in Ontario, Ca. Very good experience with him and reasonably priced repairs.
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  • @ BJ radionut:
    We have a pronounced focus on human modes:ROFLMAO::cool:
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    There will be NO FT8 robots running unattended at Bouvet,:ROFLMAO:
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    10M BAND.....>28400 SSB .... Always give your full callsign. Listening is the key so be sure we call you before replying. 3Y0J will always listen up (using split) so it will be useless to call us on our transmission frequency.
  • @ BJ radionut:
    I like these guys already. :cool: Sounds to me like ROBO callers in ANY Mode will be ignored!!!!(y)