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Who are you on the air?


$upporting Member KO4RJD....WDX-556
Aug 30, 2018
Silver Hill NC (Population 4,061)
Having a seat on that couch (or anywhere in that room) can be a dangerous thing. :whistle:



WDX-128 N/W Arkansas
Jan 29, 2021
N/W Arkansas
Yep old thread I guess I missed. On the forum I'm YardDog. Earned that a long time ago. Once a scooter bum always a scooter bum so I ain't about to change now. On air I'm known as 128 in NW Arkansas, Sandman. I've carried that about 40 years and ain't changing it. I earned that one too.


NY 881
Jul 28, 2019
Up-State NY
We all talk to each other on the air. There is a good chance that many of us have talk to each other without knowing it.

Many of us may have a local Persona that differs from our online persona.

In my city I am known as Stratocaster. However, online, I am known as Loose Cannon. If you reach me on sideband I will use the numbers 410.

So, how are the rest of you identified on DX Communications as opposed to your local handle?
Recon 881 Central NY


Tony (The Flasher) 1776 NW Arizona
Nov 2, 2018
Golden Valley, AZ
The Flasher on AM. Took my late Fathers handle over after he passed in 2018. Before that, I was The Green Hornet. I had the truck to back it back then. A nearly neon green 1977 M880 military Dodge. Had a Green Hornet painted on both fenders. Ran a steel whip on a quad mag mount back then. Tall! I have always been 1776 on SSB though, as it was my late Grandfather’s numbers on SSB.

Alabama Buckeye

Dogma Heretic
Jul 29, 2022
Magic City Alabama
I've heard ya, Triple 3s.
AL 45-70 on DX 38SSB. I seldom talk. Seems DXland is all about the numbers.
picked by 2nd fav rifle cartridge.
AL Buckeye here and local 31 AM.
As to Yard Dogs, I once were such; gave it up when Triumph Rocket III, bagger, became too heavy to lift from prone; back and knee problems. More like my lazy Aussie Shepherd now; all bark and no bite.


tell the devil im gettin there as fast as i can,r
Jun 30, 2018
old goat or THE BIONIC ROOSTER with the ten thousand dollar pecker on am 2bit2bit ssb
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    There will be NO FT8 robots running unattended at Bouvet,:ROFLMAO:
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    10M BAND.....>28400 SSB .... Always give your full callsign. Listening is the key so be sure we call you before replying. 3Y0J will always listen up (using split) so it will be useless to call us on our transmission frequency.
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    I like these guys already. :cool: Sounds to me like ROBO callers in ANY Mode will be ignored!!!!(y)
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    3Y0J: Update January 29, 2023: Ken estimates Marama should arrive at Bouvet on Monday evening just before sunset. He says he anticipates a good weather window for at least two days then. The team will attempt to move the equipment and supplies onto the island using the zodiac then. They have two zodiacs. They are hoping to accomplish it in those two days. :cool: