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    Looking at CB

    I got my 980 off amazon warehouse for 63 shipped. A new one usually hovers around 115. It's a great radio, just don't ruin it by falling for the cb peak and tune mentality.
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    Icom IC 7600 or 7410 any inputs comments?

    I'd get the TS-590 from Kenwood. (Actually that's what I did.) http://www.sherweng.com/table.html
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    Heil Headsets

    You can usually find a premade adapter for any headset on ebay. There are much better headsets for the money besides Heil. Look around a bit before you buy.
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    FT-950 SSB Transmit Audio

    Sounds like an RF problem.
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    The new 2970N2 radio ?..

    You have to double your power twice to make 1 s-unit of difference. So you'd need 800 watts to move up 1 s-unit.
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    Product Review: Redman's Extreme Echo/Talkback/Recorder Box

    Don't bother sending it back. I sent back one of his defective products and didn't get anything back. He was just rude and told me too bad. (He kept it, probably sold it to someone else.) It's not worth the time/money to do anything about it.
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    Need help, comments, suggestions!!!

    Double bazooka cut for 11 meters in a tree.
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    Alpha Max AM-1000 help

    I broke the volume/squelch surface mount potentiometer and I need a replacement. Anyone know where to get one cheap?