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    Sears Roadtalker 40 NON SSB Slantface cant find any info ?

    So hello all long time no post ! I went digging in the totes for a project and found a slantface AM only Roadtalker 40 ... Its a CM-6100S -934.38110700 Sears went a little nuts with Model #'s lol All of my googling and local CB heros came up with nothing as far as info goes so let me know if you...

    Ranger DX 2517 roger beep adjustments ??

    Hey guys I have been really busy with work and I finally got around to my new blackface DX . Does anyone know where the rb circuit is and can I play with resistor values to change the rb level and or the tone ? I am loving this big girl but the roger beep is screaming !! 4-2-ZERO IN NJ Brian

    Connex CX 3300 HP wiring diagram ...

    d23 and d29 both in place both look fine so isolated 1 end of each and checked them both and both appear fine on the multimeter :( was hoping it would be that easy ! very close inspection of all traces with no signs of damage ???? Thanks all , Brian

    Connex CX 3300 HP wiring diagram ...

    hey buddy thanks ! Have the meter relighted and swinging hard !! However my sealed lead acid battery is my portable test power and I hit it with a blast of +-/ -+ bs and the battery is unfused ;( Do you happen to know the protection diode number and locality ?? Im not an idiot I just had female...

    3300hp "my baby" on the bench ;(

    3300hp "my baby" on the bench ;(

    Connex CX 3300 HP wiring diagram ...

    Ok so my loudmouth , audio monster , skip shooter mobile is on the bench :( I cant find a legit wiring diagram anywhere ?? I have both wires broken off of the meter (purple and red I believe ) Also a short black wire off of the power / squelch knob has broken free . I am a good googler and have...

    RCI 2950 first gen talkback , hmmm ?? Already clipped D78 and capped D115

    Hey guys and dolls ! As you may have read in my other threads I have a 2950 first gen that has had many problems but she is still alive and thanks to fresh finals and my lighting work-around it works great ! Im a talkback lover so after doing some reading I opened her up to find D78 clipped on...

    Some people you just can't reach

    Hey kopcicle , I hope all is well !! 'This is one of my funnier posts ;)

    Some people you just can't reach

    Hey WECSOG , Winkdogg 4-2-Zero here ! Hey bud nice to meet you but sometimes I type ham operator sometimes I type Hams ? I think of it more as using Hams as a proper noun as apposed to saying I like and respect what Hams do even though Im a CB guy :( I know what is grammatically correct and WHAT...

    Some people you just can't reach

    Wow kopcicle !! You get another year older and now your one of those pretentious Hams that makes fun of me for saying 73's lol :LOL::ROFLMAO:;) Just kidding buddy I'm just a lowly 11 meter op but I know what you mean , that's why I only throw fire in the wire on the "STUPID BOWL" on rare...

    Looking for full radio test center , Old School big boy lol

    I posted this in the "general cb " section but I thought I would also post in the swap shop incase someone has one to buy or trade ! If not please just let me know the makes and models recommended. Hey guys I know some of you will have the answers for me ! I watch tech videos all the time and I...

    Info on large Radio Communications Test Setups , I Want One !!

    Hey guys I know some of you will have the answers for me ! I watch tech videos all the time and I want one of those larger all in one Radio Test / Repair setups . I have a ton of projects going on and Im looking for something like MikesRadioRepair's Test setups . I have seen a bunch of...

    Heathkit HW-101 Great UnMolested Condition . Reasonable Offers Welcome !

    Hello Hams AND 11 Meter operators alike here is a well built original condition (except two knobs is going up for sale or trade !! I am a strictly 11 Meter op that had planned on converting the Heathkit to the CB band . I have too much respect for this piece to modify it and I think a Ham...

    Microphone information

    I do not have any info but google does lol Tech specs and 3 reviews I found on Copper ! https://www.copperelectronics.com/cart/DM502B-Desk-Microphone A good start at least 73's Winkdogg 4-2-Zero NJ