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Good antenna analyzer without breaking the bank

If you buy it through ebay and use paypal you should be fine. If does not work you can get your money back. If I was not on the "Ramen noodle" sentence I would buy it. I still have four years and 3 months to go.

Ha! My weekend online buying splurge from being stuck in KC, KS is already over.

But what did a I buy? Sure made sense at that moment. Gonna be embarrassing if not “practical”.

EDIT: looked it up. Full-tang, wood-handled Japanese-brand Vessel Series 100 Screwdriver Set [dont even ask, put off good ones since the Dawn of Creation].

Thanks for advice on analyzer. May just have to try it.

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I have five HT's that were given to me after I got my ticket. Donated by a friend out in California and family members of a ham operators that went "Silent Key."
All Baofung, and TYT units. Same problem on those too. Menu maze is too deep and the terminology they use for features is different from our standards. Did not bother learning those either. They sit in a drawer that I pitch junk into.
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Guy makes some nice analyzers. I have the basic HF version. Had it for 6-7 years, works great. I have the newer MFJ unit for 2/70. It's a nice looking unit and seems to perform well. I wish I had got the "Z" model for 6 meters.

Guy makes these in Ohio. Well, at least he used to Goid stuff.

I had the 30 model years ago. Nifty unit that worked well.
I appreciate all the feedback fellas, well I can already say the $500 dollar analyzer is a little on the steep side for me. I think the rigexpert is a little more like it so maybe if I hunt a little I'll run across a used one!
Buying rigexpert do not forget to make a set of 180° cables to get proper readings from antennas.

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