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Recent content by Pioneer621

  1. Pioneer621

    Dissatisfied eBay customer ...

    If someone can't comprehend voltage rating of capacitors, meaning they can't do a simple search to learn, they should not be replacing capacitors or any parts. It is not difficult in 2021, to find an electronics forum or such and ask about capacitor voltage ratings and if going higher is okay (a...
  2. Pioneer621

    Another "dumb question"....

    Yeah I do believe they are much like the Cobra 25 LTD and that schematic should do the job, though been a long time since messing with any. The PC66 I also believe may be the correct schematic. At $4 you really can’t go wrong, working or not. If not stated it’s a 50/50 chance of it working. I’d...
  3. Pioneer621

    First AM/FM FCC Approval

    We used FM, allowed or not, when any of the locals got the urge. I'll also say that most of the locals, well basically all of them, had FM on one radio or another, and it never sounded very good for local chit chat despite being FM, also did not work well since guys were spread all over and...
  4. Pioneer621

    Use of capacitor across the leads of stock Taiwan Cobra 148 GTL speaker?

    I also find it hard to believe a 0.001uf capacitor would have any effect on audio across speaker wire. That cap is used for keeping RF off, or at least minimizing RF on the speaker / wires / audio circuit, not shunting audio treble frequencies. I would transplant the capacitor to the new speaker...
  5. Pioneer621

    Another one bites the dust

    I’ve heard the name, but have never bought anything, not even sure if there were any nearby (I don’t believe so).
  6. Pioneer621

    schematic for fatboy 2 x 2879

    They are fairly simple amps, perhaps post a few clear photos of the parts in question and someone can probably help.
  7. Pioneer621

    This place is a GOLD MINE!!!!!! No two ways about it.

    Yeah that is the best way to search and how I have been doing it for many years now. Most forum built-in search functions are horrific.
  8. Pioneer621

    If you're ever feeling a little stupid...

    I've never been on Facebook and have zero desire to join "groups" there, but sounds no different than actually talking on CB radio. If you think back when CB had tons of local operator on all hours of the day / night, there was a ton of misinformation constantly spouted, I heard it all the time...
  9. Pioneer621

    New soldering station time - what's your favorite

    My opinion, get something that has easy to find cheap tips and replacement wands. I prefer large chisel tips for most soldering, holds heat and can get out / in quicker. Been using the Atten AT201D for at least 10 years or more. Replacement wands are cheap and easy to find, also uses standard...
  10. Pioneer621


    I would suggest to keep looking for an original (perhaps a wanted post would help), even if a good used pull. Last time I bought some “new” on ebay they were counterfeit (15+ years ago mind you), they would work as a switch, example: turning an LED on or off, but did not amplify 27MHz RF, they...
  11. Pioneer621

    Chipswitch for 2510/2600/Lincoln

    Yeah the Chipswitch is awesome. Loved the memory channel bank and being able to scan them. Years ago when local CB was still big with a lot of locals, was great scanning all the local channels / frequencies. I definitely prefer these radios with the Chipswitch! Always wanted another for my...
  12. Pioneer621

    KRIS BOOMER amplifier

    I didn’t know about the 12v version, but am familiar with the Big Boomer and others. Guess I was just wondering if they had a few revisions of the same model name like the D&A amps. Like a 2 tube Boomer, then a 3 tube Boomer with a driver, etc, but still just the Boomer name. I have only seen...
  13. Pioneer621

    KRIS BOOMER amplifier

    Were there a couple versions of the Boomer? I have one that looks like the one in post #1, but it only has two tubes, just an empty hole where a third socket looks to have never been installed. Uses a pair of 6JU6 output tubes. Got this one for $20 years ago at a local hamfest from a fellow CBer...
  14. Pioneer621

    HR2510 prices ?

    Yeah ExitThirteen's is a hell of a deal! Years ago when I use to look for these / radio gear often, I don't recall being able to find just a Chipswitch by itself, just the chip, for under $200. I don't know if that is the going rate now when they pop up, but they weren't cheap.
  15. Pioneer621

    HR 2510 on e bay

    Just browsing the forum and seen this, maybe my HR2510's will be worth a small fortune in another 10 years. :D I sold one a number of years back on ebay and it only took one bid at $50. I should have kept it since it had a good final worth that much, was hoping it would bid up, but alas it did...