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    Good old days...

    Jeannie the leech do you want a hamburger? Special sauce, lettuce cheese. Oh wait... nevermind.
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    Good old days...

    The captain kangaroo guy, I am assuming is in the red, looks like he is going to bust out singing with a silver, corded microphone any minute now "She's a lady" by Tom Jones all 70's style. And those alien things, are those tele tubbies, (spelled right?). Those things looks like insane...
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    Texas Star DX500 and high SWR

    Yes, yes, yes, and perfect. I agree 100% with Shockwave, and personally wish people would listen to his advice. From everything I know, he is spot on. (not that I am some sort of superior qualified to judge, I mean this with the utmost respect)
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    Motor Mouth Maul Being Heard With Kids $5 Walkie Talkie

    Brings back memories. RAINMAN, CRIS, and an overhead or internal acocunt and you were in biz. Although most just ran script kiddie "proggies". They had some major security issues then.
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    Uniden HR-2510 with chipswitch, box, manual, mic ad bracket

    Is my price too high? This is a great rig in excellent shape! Ok, price dropped to 275.00, my final price or I keep it.
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    Old time Gospel Bluegrass Stations ???

    There's this one station, but it's kinda small, I think they used to be in a desert community. They kept playing the same song over and over, some yo-da-ladee song my grandma used to listen to. I used to hate it, until these invaders from another planet came down and it was the only thing that...
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    Texas Star DX-350

    Texas Star DX-350 NON VARIABLE. This is in like new condition, bought years ago to pair up with an HR-2510 I have listed here. Asking 150.00 for the amp. It has been converted, and put back in the box until recently to test. If you want the amplifier and the 2510, I will make a package deal. See...
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    Uniden HR-2510 with chipswitch, box, manual, mic ad bracket

    Just as the subject title says, I have an HR-2510 with the chipswitch installed. It has been in a temperature controlled environment meaning no hot garage, car or attic. It looks NEW and works perfectly. No limiters removed or other mods other than the chipswitch. Comes with the box, manual...
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    Subbing MRF 455s for..................

    If it doesn't work out, I have a stash of 455A and also 454A transistors that I can part with.
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    Who put my information out there?

    (sounds of paid compassionate woman) - - Is, you or someone you know suffering from skinheadia? Skinheadia is a reeeeallll condition, and can affect *ANYONE AT ANYTIME*, (sad music, and tons of blad people living in huts) With your help, we can suffering. For just $10.00 a month (now screen...
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    wal cott cb ???

    Maybe they should just work for free? I mean who knows anything about overhead? Bills? Nah! Get paid to work? :whistle:
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    fatboy failure

    That's why they call me slim shady... I'm back, I'm back.... ::poof::
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    Super star 250 amp

    The yellow ones were the early versions coming out of WA state. They did use mostly the re-labeled motorola transistors (SRF series). The later ones were made by a different outfit, called "Vern" in Texas. (no kidding on the Vern name) They for years supplied H&Y, copper, and MANY other places...
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    2517 AUDIO

    Not to be rude, but how in the heck would "tx coils" have any affect on the TX audi frequency response of the mic and / or modulator circuit?
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    Who made this little amp?

    Yep, they do. As long as you have the eletrolytic filter caps changed, then rectifiers would be a good idea, as long as they are actually bad of course. But you said you were getting no voltage to the filiment either, did you solve that?